Friday, April 25, 2014

{Friday Five: Sneakers, Camping, and Work Out Gear}

Happy Friday Friends! 

I hope you all had a fabulous week! It was a pretty slow week here in Wendel-land, so this weekend is very appreciated! 

But let's not's my Friday Five! 

I have always been a fan of New Balance shoes. I had a few pairs in high school, and got a bright blue pair last year for our Disney World trip. These coral beauties have been on my eye for a few months so pretty! 

2. Camping Season

Wendel and I both love to camp...but sometimes it just ends up being in our backyard. Even that makes me such a happy...camper...punny punny, right? This long sleeve t-shirt is hilarious! I also love and have been swooning over this sweatshirt for quite some time! 

3. Mini Pinatas

If these aren't just the cutest things you've ever seen...I mean come on! I might have to whip up some of these for Cinco De Mayo...just for fun!

4. The Most Perfect Kitchen

I adore Jenna's blog and her tutorial's are perfection! She just showed off her newly renovated kitchen and it had been drooling big time! You must check it out! 

5. Old Navy Work Out Gear

I just invested in some new workout gear from Old Navy, and I'll be honest...I love it! I was a bit skeptical, but am totally amazed! I bought a few pairs of these capris, and three colors of these tank. I also bought this zip-up but it was in the wash when we snapped these photos. New workout gear always motivates me. Whatever it takes, right people? 

Well that's all folks! 

What are you loving right now? Tell me, tell me! 

I'll be back Monday with some inspiration for our's been a slow process...but we're getting there! 

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