Wednesday, April 23, 2014

{Baby Gift For A Far Away Mama}

I have a sweet college friend who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Monday! 

This is the first baby in our group of friends and we are so so excited to snuggle that precious little one at all of the summer weddings!

She lives pretty far away from all of us, so we decided to send a little gift before the baby arrived! 

Here's what we included: 

-Gift cards to easy, fast restaurants 

Typically when someone gives birth, I make a meal for them to enjoy...since we couldn't do that, we sent a few gift cards to places her husband could run and get for fast dinners and lunches

-Some cozy, fun socks

When you're in the hospital, I hear it can be pretty chilly, so some fun socks can her her toes warm while she's snuggling little one! 


Let's be matched the cute pink and yellow theme

-Baby headbands 

These were too precious...I just couldn't pass them up! Soft, and perfect for sweet baby girl! 


We're just guessing that little one will have blond hair because mommy has beautiful blond hair. This doll was so soft and seemed perfect 

Wrapping everything is pretty pink made everything festive and fun! I hope it was an exciting package to open and that she enjoys everything we included! 

We have quite a few friends having babies soon, so what are things that every new mama needs?
Help a friend out! 


  1. New Mommies need: Coconut oil- great for stretch marks, massages and heals up baby acne and little cuts from their fingernails super fast. The little mitts for baby's hands. Smelly good lotion & body wash. Scented candles so your house seems fresh. A cute new top or pjs. If it's pre-hospital my favourite "thing for me" I purchased beforehand was new slippers to wear while I walked the halls. Some new herbal teas for having hot or iced. My friend made home made bur cloths that just feel that much more special to me when I use them (a nice, soft, absorbent pretty fabric strip down the middle of those standard white ones). This is a nice gift just so you already have it when baby starts to talk- a book called "My quotable kid" where you lee track of the silly things they say as they grow. Baby books are good too. A devotional book with just short quick ones (psalms are nice). Tide to go pens. Epsom salts & essential oils for the bath. protein bars, dark chocolates, mixed nuts... Its obviously fresh on my mind ;)

    1. You're the best! This is exactly the list I was looking for! Thanks so much!