Monday, April 28, 2014

{Let's Tile Ya'll}

Wendel and I went on a little tile hunting date night Friday to The Tile Shop and I think I may just move in! 

We have two spaces in our slowly-coming-together basement that we want tiled, and we're really excited to get some more DIYing going on down under! 

The two places we're looking to tile is above the bar and the sun-room floor. 

The bar is pretty darn boring right now...but when we install a tile back-splash with shelves built in, a big new fixture, dark wood counter {see picture below}, a sleek new sink/faucet, and build in the fridge...we should have a pretty amazing focal point of a bar! 

Here's the counter-top in the works. Just needs to be braced together and installed! I told you Wendel was pretty obsessed with staining wood. 

And this is real life for you...the remnants of the basement redo scattered about in the sun-room...and yes...there's a couch hanging out in there too! 

But we're wanting to tile the floor to make the room cleaner and more functional! 

However, those poles in the background are throwing us for a loop, but we're excited to take a class at our local The Tile Shop this weekend and ask a whole lot of questions! 

So here's what  we were oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over for the bar back-splash: 

Bright and cheery and reminds us of our kitchen back-splash!

Stainless steel penny heart just about leaped out of my chest! 

The sentence "it's just so smooth...I want to lick it" may have come out of my mouth...please don't judge my strangeness! 

So classic and pretty! 

Bright, modern, and smooth!

Rustic and manly!

We're just so confused about the direction we want to take the bar. Bright and clean? Sleek and modern? Dark and manly? The options are so huge at The Tile Shop...we're just a little overwhelmed. But at least we narrowed it down a bit...right? 

As far as the sunroom goes, we know we want to install tile that looks like wood...which means just narrowing it down to the color.

This was by far our favorite, it's just lighter than the other wood tones we have going on downstairs so we're just not sure! 

Anyhoo...we're excited to get some decisions made and get this show on the road! 

We've already decided on a few other things for the basement! 

Like the couch that was inspired by Young House Love

And a day bed for the sunroom inspired by Jenny Sue

We'll be picking those up within the next few weeks and I can't wait to finally get the basement functioning! 

Can't wait! 

What's been inspiring you lately? 

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