Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{Having Tile Installed...Getting What You Want}

We got tiled!! 

We're so excited, a little overwhelmed with the HUGE change, and thrilled to have had it done by someone else! 

Now this post isn't really a detail post about our kitchen {we've got some other changes up our sleeves so we'll updating again soon!} but really abut working with contractors and truly getting what you pay for! 

The morning that the tilers were coming, I cleared off the counters and put everything our bay window. 

Just trying to be as helpful as possible! 

We found our tilers through Lowe's, from whom we bought the tile and supplies from. 

We have worked with Lowe's about five times and have really enjoyed every contractor they bring in. 

But I'll be honest...this time was a bit different...

I slightly freaked out when I got back and 1. saw the massive difference {way shocking at first} and 2. saw tons of issues. 

{Not to mention that the two men who came looked like drug dealers and our house smelled like they smoked a whole pack inside of or kitchen} 

Needless to say I was TICKED off and was steaming by the time Wendel got home! 

Here are a few of the issues: 

1. There was grout missing in many places.

2. The sides by the window were horrible cracked {so sharp that they would for sure cut you}

Hard to see I know but just trust me!

3. They did not caulk the crack in between the counter and the matching strip thingy {very technical right?} which would lead to molding in the future. 

4. You could see the mesh behind some of the glass tile {which we'll chat about in a moment}

5. And the side of the tile {near the living room} was very cracked and chipped. 

We can just say that I was not a happy camper! 

I called Lowe's right away, and let me tell you...they were SO very helpful! 

They immediately asked "what would you like to do?"

Which I loved because they were worried first about the customer.

They gave us the option to bring in a new contractor, or to send the owner of our current contractor out.  

We decided to send the owner out. 

A few weeks later we had them out to fix the problems. 

They sent the same two men {which I wasn't thrilled about} but in the end, they fixed the problems. They buffed out the sides, finished the grouting that should be been done in the first place :) and caulked beautifully. 

The only thing that they could not fix was the mesh from the tile. I decided to chill my "OCDness" and relax on that one :) 

In the end I was pleased with the changes. 

I will not be hiring those contractors again {and I won't disclose their name because I'm not a business basher...}

I think the biggest thing I've learned is to fight for what you want. 

We saved up to do this and I wanted it to be done right! 

Anyhoo...here are a few more shots. 

And here are our kitchen shelves! I still have more styling to do...but I'm loving them! 

The green garland is a little preview of our Saint Patty's Day decorations which will be on the blog this week! 

We added some hooks for aprons...which I kind of collect but couldn't take the look of all of them up there so I chose a few of my favorites to display them! 

And here is a before and after shot! 

So yeah...this is our tile! It's quite a difference right? 

There are a few things that we'll be changing ASAP...

1. New rugs...I ordered them already and cannot wait for them to come in! 

2. New curtain...love this curtain {and we just made them} but they clash with the tile. So I'm thinking a simple white curtain with a grey band at the bottom. Or curtains with some thin grey and white chevron or stripes or dots...who knows! 

Anyone else have any contractor horror stories? I know we're not the only ones! 


  1. This EXACT same thing happened to me, Lelia! Through Lowe's too. And with our kitchen backsplash! We had to have the owner come out and fix it as well. Missing grout, uneven tiles, and this strange corner tile that was supposed to be used around a bathtub just sticking out on the corner- it was the strangest looking thing! I was livid! The worst part was that we wanted it done before Austin's graduation party last summer and the contractors waited until 3 days before the party to come out and do it. Anyway, I am also very pleased with my tile, and it looks sooo much better than if we tried to do it! Proud of you for fighting for a good result!

    1. Ugh so frustrating! Yeah we were lucky we weren't on a time crunch because they waited quite a few weeks to finish it! But yeah...I'm thankful we didn't have to do it because that would have been such a mess!!