Monday, March 4, 2013

{Hi...I'm 5 and 1}

My niece, Elizabeth, turned five this past week! 

Well actually she turned one, because she is a leap year baby!

Her favorite thing to tell people is "I'm five and one!"

My sister and brother-in-law had a fun little party at Chuck E Cheese...

Haven't been there since I was a kid and it was so much fun! 

Amazing people watching! 

Here are a few snapshots from the party! 

My oldest niece is going to be 16 this year...freaking out! 

She was the only child who would stop long enough to get a picture! 

My nephew, Daniel, has autism and is non verbal. But he was so amazing during the crazy, loud party! 

This little one was starting to get tired, but she pushed through! 


Mae trying to play dance, dance revolution...

My brother, Andrew, lives in San Francisco but he always makes an appearance at family events! 

Us with Chucky! 

Ya'll Dance, Dance Revolution is so flippin' hard! 

Then Lily took a try! 

So this little one was not thrilled with the loud noises, the annoying singing, and Chucky...boy oh boy she hated Chucky! 

Mae, however, loved him! 

Then we got to get in this little tubular thing and catch tickets...ya'll it was the FUNNIEST experience of my life! 

Elizabeth was in there freaking out, crying, wanting out, but I couldn't open the door so I was trying to get tickets while she screamed in my was interesting! 

And then I got out and couldn't stop laughing! 

Then it was time for presents!  

Then we redeemed our 1500 ticketss...I spent quite a while sitting there feeding them through! 

My mom surprised us and brought us the invitation to the NKU Alumni Awards {pretty much my entire family went to NKU and my sister won and award last year at the alumni awards!}

We were picked as the picture for the invitation!  

Then it was time for a big, old nap! So flippin' tired! 

Happy Monday!


  1. How awesome that you guys are on the invitations! Crazy! Looks like the party was fun...and exhausting!

    1. I know! We were so surprised! And yeah...we came home and took an almost 3 hour nap!