Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{Wendel's Birth Week}

Wendel's birthweek was busy and so much fun! 

I went with a "5 year old boy" theme, so we did all things dorky and fun! 

We started out a week early with dinner with his parents! They were going to be on vacation for his actual birthday so they took us out for a special dinner! 

It was Saint Patty's weekend so I decked myself out in a green necklace and ring {and the spring was an added bonus!}

We went to Palamino downtown...we went there for a little Christmas dinner during our advent fun

Sorry it was so dark..but at least I snapped a quick picture! 

My sweet, precious in-laws!

They were playing Irish music on Fountain Square but we didn't stay long...it was freezing! 

Then on Monday we started birth week fun. Monday was filled with ninja fighting. 

Yes...real ninjas came and invaded our basement and we needed to take them out! 

You can't see them but they had masks on them to keep them extra sneaky. 

Don't worry though, we took them down really quick with our nerf guns! 

So then Wednesday we had a little obstacle course in the hallway...

The kids were over so they participated and it was quite the hit. 

Ya'll...so easy to make and such a blast! 

On Wendel's actual birthday {Friday the 22nd} I told him I would meet him for lunch...

Ya'll...he picked Frisch's...seriously? Hilarious! But we enjoyed the salad bar together! 

Then the real fun started! 

When Wendel came home there was quite the intense little situation. 

I had tied all of his presents to a piece of yarn and wrapped them all around the house. He would have to follow the string to find his presents...

We've decided THIS is the way to do presents! A new tradition has been started!  

Hard to see but it was quite a yarn mess! 

Wendel followed the string and found four fun presents! 

Then I prepared a little bourbon flight for him! I went and bought five little bottles of bourbons and then    I mapped out which was which. 

It was crazy...his favorite was still Woodford! He quite the bourbon pallet :) 

I mean come on...how cute are these little bottles? 

Then...my simple man wanted pizza and wings and a movie night.

Simple man I tell you...

We wrapped up birth week with family dinner! 

It was beyond perfect! 

So yeah...that was birth week for Wendel! 

What were ya'll up to this past weekend??