Wednesday, March 6, 2013

{Saint Patty's Day Preparations...}

It's no big shock...a holiday is around the corner and I am in full fledged preparation time!

First off was decorating! With our new shelves just built, I jumped right into Saint Patty's decorations!

I had a really hard time finding themed decor for Saint Patrick's day...but with this banner printable, some Ikea plants and a few gold candy filled apothecary jars we were set!

I also whipped up this strand of line and true green sparkly circles! 

{Ya'll I just realized I have four lime green circles in a strange...I swear I did every other! Weird stuff...oh well!}

All I did was pick up a sheet of lime and true green sparkly paper from Michael's {for a whopping $2.48} and popped out some circles using this lifesaver from Hob Lob. Then I just taped the circles together with some twine {I ended up using double sided tape FYI} 

I made this wreath last year...super easy! Burlap with different types of green fabric made into flowers using this method. 

But oh no...we don't stop at decore :) 
There is nothing I love more than having themed dinners, lunches, date nights, and random surprises for Wendel...and just imagine how insane it will get when little bits come into the picture! 

Here are a few of my ideas...

{which means I get to go and buy a bundt don't I own one of these yet?}

{Oh yes...I dye milk}

Rainbow Cake Pops and Rainbow Jello {which takes forever by the way!} Via Yours Truly

This was from last year! And ya'll...the rainbow jello takes forever, but it's so worth it! 

We'll also be making a few Saint Patty's Day recipes for dinner! 


So yeah...get ready for a full breakdown of our fun! 

Alrighty...share with me some of your Saint Patty's Day traditions! 

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