Monday, March 25, 2013

{Sorry For Slacking...}

Hey sorry I've been a blogger slacker lately! 

Last week was Wendel's birthday so we were busy with birth week fun! I'll be back tomorrow with a full post on the excitement! 

I also have a few projects we've been working on...and actually haven't even finished my Easter decorating {I'm not joking about my slacking!} 

So to make myself feel better :) Here are a few Instagram photos I haven't shared! 

We are beyond blessed to have these two in our lives to show us how to "do" marriage! We look up to them so much and love that they will go on date nights with us! 

Wendel and I did date night last weekend and it was just what the doctor ordered! We tried out a new restaurant {to us} Virgil's, and went to see a movie! Love these nights with him! 

Yup...rainbow pancakes on Saint Patty's day! 

We had a little day date with our two five year olds last week! We had a blast...they keep life fun and exciting! 

This week we are doing a beans and rive challenge, eating what most of the world eats all the time and then donating the difference to some local charities. So far so good, but we'll see in a few more meals! 

Okay guys...I'll be back tomorrow with some Wendel Birth Week fun! 

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  1. eating rice and beans and then donating the money is a great idea! Have you read 7:A mutiny against excess? It reminds me of this.