Monday, April 1, 2013

{Easter Easter Easter}

As you all know...Mrs. Wendel loves her a holiday! 

Probably a little too much...but Wendel is cute and participates with a smile on his face! 

To get the weekend started, Wendel had Good Friday off, so we headed to the outlets for a little bit of shopping therapy!

I gave up shopping {for myself} for Lint so I was thrilled to go to J. Crew Outlet and get a few pieces! I didn't go crazy {everything was 50% off...good timing right?} but it was so exciting to freshen up the wardrobe a bit! 

Saturday morning was greeted with a huge Easter egg hunt in our town...I mean ya'll it's crazy! So many people! Parent's strategizing with their kids, and bowling kids over so their kids get as many eggs as possible. I'm not kidding...adults were on the ground at one point. It's hilarious and always a sight to see! 


Can this little one be any cuter? And ya'll...the personality in this child...she's hilarious!

We were in charge of the two older kids and this was our "I hope we don't loose anyone" photo. 

This is Elizabeth...she has an "interesting" fashion sense...

And here they excited! 

And I think this was the moment when we lost Charlie...don't worry...we found him! 

And then we got to snap a photo once we found everyone... 

Then it was time to open up the goods! The littles were in a different area for their Easter egg hunt! 

After the Easter egg hunt, we came home to dye Easter eggs and cook some yummy goodies for Easter Sunday! 

After that we went to the Saturday Easter service with Wendel's parents and then for dinner! No picture snapped but of course a fun time was had by all! 

When we got home, we stuffed Easter eggs and read one of my favorite Easter books. Then we did a little Easter themed mad libs that I got for free when I ordered books from Scholastic for my classroom. Ya'll it was hilarious! 

Saturday morning started started a bit rough...{my pantyhose ripped...tears we took an early morning trip to Walgreens}...but then we got back on track! 

The Easter bunny made a little visit at our house! I got some gift cards to Loft and DSW {Mr. Bunny knows me well} and Wendel got a new shirt, a movie, and some candy! 

Then we did a little Easter egg hunt and searched for our annual "sweet message eggs"

Every year, we take a moment to write a sweet note and hide it in an Easter egg. 

It's a little thing, but it's sweet and always makes me smile! 

Ya' husband is so strange...but he's a keeper! 

We snapped a few pictures before heading to my sister's for brunch...

Then we actually got a real picture on Easter which we never get! Shocking! 

And all of the littles! My mom and oldest niece are in San Fran visiting my brother, and it was so strange not having those two celebrating with us. But it was still so fun! 

After my sister's, we headed to Alex's parent's for lunch with his family. Of course I didn't snap any pictures but you can just count that it was fun! 

Do you and your family have any fun traditions? I'd love to hear about them if you have any fun ideas...I love me a fun tradition! 


  1. I seriously want your WHOLE wardrobe!

    1. Haha you're sweet...these were mostly new things because I had just gone shopping after no shopping for a few months. But thanks :)