Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{Rabbit Hashing}

Happy Monday blogger friends!

{So I'll be honest...the next couple of weeks will be dodgy for me and this here blog because I'm working like crazy getting my preschoolers ready for Kindergarten and graduation! So I'm apologizing in advance! But we're coming up on our one year blogiversary, so get ready for a giveaway that I'm so excited about!}

This past weekend Wendel and I headed to good ole' Rabbit Hash, Kentucky with my fabulous in-laws for a barn dance. 

Ya'll...a real life barn dance! 

I felt like I was on the set of Footloose! 

Anyways, Rabbit Hash is quite the little tourist attraction... especially for bikers. 

It's pretty famous because of one, tiny, super random fact...

Their a dog! Lucy Lou...not kidding guys!

See...check it out! You can't make up that kind of random!

It's a super small, tiny town with like 5 

I didn't take TONS of pictures...but a caught a few!

Dress: Old Nave {on sale!} Boots: Target; Jacket: Loft; Belt: Target

{Oh and please notice how sad our pretty shelves are...I need to spruce them up asap!}

Rabbit Hash is just itty-bitty tiny! So when they do the barn dances, the parking is pretty limited! 

This is where you can get dinner in Rabbit Hash. Like the only restaurant! And then you can get your drinks {sodas,water, beer} at the general store because they have they're the ones with the liquor license...yes singular.    

Here was the inside of the barn. It was tinnie tiny but they crammed a bunch of people in there! This was just as the band was starting so it wasn't hopping yet!

This band was INCREDIBLE  Three of them were from Paris {but played bluegrass music...huh?} and the main guy was from Ohio. Talk about a strange mash up!

Here is the cute little general store that has the most random assortment of things...

Including this massive snowman with a ginormous nose which looked even bigger next to my itty-bitty nose {Wendel likes to tease me about my dainty nose...I embrace it}

Blurry {sad face} but the only picture I got of us.  

So Rabbit Hash sits on the river, such a beautiful sight right...{please please hint my sarcasm} 

And here we are in the barn dance...being photo bombed by the father-in-law.

Ya'll it was a blast! We can't wait to hit this little shindig up a few more times this summer! If you're in the area, they have the barn dance once a month but check here for more info! 


  1. Sounds like a ton of fun! Those cute little towns are the ones with the most charm :)