Tuesday, April 30, 2013

{Spring Project Rundown}

We haven't done a DIY house project in a quite a while around the Wendel homestead, and that needs to change soon!  

With Wendel working on his Masters and me working like crazy to get my kiddos ready for kindergarten, we've just been enjoying our free time together and not working on chores. 

But That. Is. Changing! 

We have a few projects to work on in order to get our backyard ready for pool parties and outdoor movie nights! 

Here's what we've got up our sleeves for the next few weeks! 

1. Old Fashion Movie Sign

As soon as I saw this from Pink Pistachio, I just about died! We bought an inexpensive projector at the end of last summer from Woot and only got to use it once for my niece's 15th birthday party. We can't wait to do this more during the summer and this NEEDS to be apart of the fun! Now I just need to convince Wendel that have enough electrical knowledge to whip up this puppy! 

2. Add To Our Cutting Garden 

Who doesn't love the idea of going out to your garden and snipping a few fresh flowers for your kitchen vase? So picturesque, right? Last summer we started our cutting garden with a few simple things {peonies, gladiolas, black eye Susan's} and I can't wait to add to it this season! If anyone in the area has anything in their garden they would be willing to share...I will happily enjoy your gifts!

3.  Add More Lights To Our Tree

We have a tree right off our top deck that we have a few Christmas lights strung though. We would love to add some mason jars just like Farmhouse38. This woman is amazing and while I would die for a grapefruit tree, our current sweet little tree will do! 

4. Add Some Chunky Numbers To Our Pillars

We don't really have any house numbers on our house {strange, right?} I would love to add something like this to one of our white pillars! I love the look of the deep wood with the industrial steel numbers. 

5. Add A Wood Scrap Edge To The Cutting Garden 

I just found the blog Farmhouse 38 and I'm pretty obsessed! While I now have a HUGE desire to have chickens {yes...you ready that correctly} I just about fell in love with this garden edging used with wood scraps. We have tons of little bits from 2x4's, railings, and random wood pieces so this would be the perfect way to use these! Excited to work on this little project soon! 

6.  Build A Pergola

I'm pretty sure everyone in the blog world has drooled over The Handy Home's stunning pergola and I am dying to build one over our top deck. We'll see if we get this one done this year or not, but none the less...their backyard is every homeowner's dream!

6. "ReStore" Our Deck

When we bought our home, it had an above ground pool with a deck built around it. Well the deck had seen better days. We re-stained it our first summer but now the deck is starting to splinter and fade. So we're going to try to make our deck last a few more seasons using a product by Rust-Oleum called ReStore. It is like painting your deck but is totally covers the wood and puts a texture to the surface. This will take away the worry of splinters and make the wood less slick for when the littles are enjoying the pool!

We're probably going to be tackling the ReStore first so we can have the deck ready for our pool opening! Ooooo...pool opening...I see a party coming soon!

So tell me...what DIY projects do ya'll have planned for this spring?? 

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