Wednesday, April 3, 2013


One of the things that I hate the most about our house is our entrance railing...

Not so pretty right? 

Way too curly and ornate for our taste...

And this little thing collects so much's crazy frustrating! 

So we're doing some research on how to fix this puppy right up! 

So what kinds of things do we have dreamed up? 

Pretty much...this

I'm obsessed with this entire have to go and check out the before and afters! 

So we are going to be working on the following: 

1. Taking down the current railing

2. Doing a victory happy dance because said horrid railing is no more

3. Build a chunky newel post for the bottom of the railing

4. Install simple white painted wood posts with dark stained wood railing

5. Perhaps install a curved step to create a more cohesive look from the two stair cases. 

It's number five that we are doing lots of research on. The tutorial above has the plans for the newel posts {so that's just following directions} but the curved-ness just may not happen :) 

Why do I like the idea of the curved step? Because our house is a bi-level, sometimes out upper and lower levels feel chopped off and very separate. I feel like the curved step would create a more cohesive and open feeling. 

Anyone have any experience with building a railing? Any help/tutorials you've seen would be greatly appreciated! 

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