Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{February/March Project}

For our 2014 goals, Wendel and I decided that we were going to set a goal of completing one project per month. 

Our goal was to have the project and the materials by the 10th of each month, which meant we had a few weeks to complete the project. 

Our January project went off without a hitch, and was even completed early...shocker! 

We had a few unexpected expenses in February...we had to have our sewer line fixed {gross and almost $300 to fix} so we decided to forego our monthly project this month. Trying to be good stewards of our money. 

But in March, we tackled something that I'm so so excited about! 

Our basement built ins!

So pretty, right? I'm just in love!

{Sorry this picture is so lame....we finished it when it was getting dark and the lighting wasn't ideal}

This wasn't the cheapest project, but it is such a functional and beautiful detail that we feel will help to create a warm and cozy atmosphere!

So the first thing we did was buy six of these Concord in-stock cabinet's from Lowe's. They were $114 originally, but there was a 20% off sale going on! Happy dance!

We decided on this size of cabinet {35x18x24} because three of these would fit pretty much perfectly in our spots. We just ran lots of math to find out the best possible situation.

They only had five of this size in stock at our local Lowe's, so we had to wait almost two weeks to get the sixth one in...wah wah.

But I couldn't wait...I needed to see them all set up! 

So here we are before! 

And a one...

And a two...

{This was the moment when wife 100% doubted her husband and thought there was no way a third was going to fit here}

But lo and behold, the third fit in perfectly...I should know by now...Wendel is always right. 

And then we had to stop...that dumb sixth cabinet. 

While we were waiting for the sixth cabinet, it was time to start working on the tops. 

We chose to go with stained wood, just like our beautiful office desk

There are a few reasons we chose this route again. 

1. We like the look of dark stained wood
2. It's less expensive than having two pieces of counter top cut to fit these areas
3. It's something that we can DIY...and that's just how we like to do things 

So Wendel got to work! 

We went with 2x10x8's again...

Wendel cut them down to size and then it was the fun part...

Time to sand and sand and sand some more! 

We used Rust-Oleum wood stain in Kona for the wood. 

BIG thing to note, we also used Kona on our office desk, but we used two coats on the office desk and one for the built in cabinets. 

We really loved the wood grain, so after one coat of stain, we said done and went ahead with the polyurethane. 

After one coat of stain, dry time, one coat of poly, dry time, the second coat of poly, and dry time {aka: one day of work and one night to dry} we brought them in and started putting the pieces together! 

Then we set them on top, and I squealed with excitement! 

Then we had two last things to do! 

First we needed to secure the tops to the cabinets. 

We got quite a few corner brackets, and still didn't have enough. So we got the front of the tops secured, and once we get to Lowe's we'll secure the backs. 

Then we needed to add the kick strip. 

And's so pretty! 

We still need pulls, which I think I've settled on these from Lowe's. 

We need to build some shelves for above the cabinets...I'm thinking something similar to these

So...there's our March project! 

And I'm only two days late sharing it...not bad my friends...not too bad. 

And I just have to give a huge shout out to my sweet husband. DIYing is not his's mine. And he so sweetly takes my big dreams and turns them into realities! 

Thanks Wendel! 

So tell me...

Anyone else complete any exciting projects recently? 


  1. those look awesome, guys! well done!

    1. Thanks :) Your brother is talented :)

  2. I absolutely love this! Why didn't I see this prior to doing my office!!!!!! I am half way finished, and now I want to start over. :)
    love it!

    1. Haha yeah I think if we could we do this everywhere in our house. Amazing storage and it just looks so pretty!