Monday, January 13, 2014

{Listy McListerson: 2014}

I love lists. A lot. I know I'm not alone in this, but sometimes I add items to my list even if I've already done it just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing something off. My assistants know that if it's not on my list, it won't happen. Ridiculous, right? So it comes as no surprise that I'm here again to share our 2014 house to-do list! 

One of my all time favorite blogs is Young House Love, and they will randomly do a little list of things they would like to accomplish in their home. They typically call it Listy McListerson, and I always chuckle at the I'm "borrowing" their title for this list...I'm sure they won't mind! 

So without further a due...our 2014 house to-do list. As time tells, we complete about 50% of these, so I wonder which very few will actually happen!

{Check out how we did on out 2012 and 2013 house to-do list}

1. Update The Staircase Railing

This comes as no surprise. This made our 2012 and 2013 list. I'm determined to make 2014 the year that this gets done! Here's our inspiration! 

2. Spruce Up The Sun Room

We have a cute little sun room just off the basement that will be perfect for relaxing. Right now it's gross, dirty, and dark. Our goal is to lighten everything up, install tile floors, and create a little oasis for lounging! We think it will be a perfect spot for the kids to hang out in the summer if they're over the pool. Also a spot for future little bits to nap while we're in the pool {there's a large window for us to see into the need to worry!} We have a few obstacles to get around {like two large round poles in the corners of the room that supports the upper deck} but we'll figure it out! 

3. Install Built-Ins Around The Fireplace

This is one of the projects I'm most excited about. For one, this will mean more usable storage, but also, they will create some incredible architectural details! So excited to get this one underway!   

4. Add Wood Detail In Basement Bathroom

I have my heart set on this, and Wendel even brought home a bunch of pallets from work. But they're evidently super hard to take apart. So we've priced out buying wood and staining it. So we'll hopefully start this process soon! It should be a simple project that just takes some time for staining, staining again, staining some more, measuring, and using Wendel's favorite tool...the pneumatic brad nailer. Ladies, if you want a happy husband...get him an pneumatic brad nailer. I swear he nails random things in the garage just to use it. 

5. Organize Upstairs Closets

We have been slowly upgrading our closets in the bedrooms upstairs. We are using California Closets and we love them! The are very affordable {less expensive than Ikea closet systems} and they design and install for free! It's pretty incredible! We need to get them back out here to price out the yellow room, the guest room, linen closet, and coat closet.

6. Add A "Popping" Detail To The Bedroom

This is another addition from the 2013 house to-do list, and I'm glad we waited. I liked the idea of stripes and such, but wasn't set on anything. Then my heart stopped when I saw what Farmhouse 38 had done in their master bedroom. I love how bright and lovely the white planks look. It seems very simple too, so hopefully we'll knock this one out this year! 

7. Fix The Upstairs Bathroom Ceiling

8. Do Something Fun With The Entry 

I've been wanting to do something to add some pizzazz to our entry, as well as make it a usable space.  I would like to add some wainscoting and hooks for people to hand their coats/bags. I would also like to start collecting frames from Goodwill and yard sales to create a little wall of gorgeousness up the staircase.   

9. Organize The Garage

This is a major goal for us, especially since out garage is a mess from the basement renovation. I have lots of plans to not only make the garage more organized, but look a little nicer as well. 

10. Build A Pergola 

This was on our 2013 to-do list, but I had a hard time deciding if I truly wanted one. Plus, the cost of re-staining the deck was a bit more than we expected, so we decided to hold off. Maybe this year! 

I'm excited and super motivated to get these things checked off this year! Hopefully, I'll have a better success rate than 50% like 2012 and 2013

Happy Monday! 


  1. So many fun projects! I'm excited for you!

    1. Hopefully we get more than half of these done :)