Monday, January 6, 2014

{A New Year}

I have to start by saying thank you so much for all of your sweet comments about this post. I've pretty much always been an open book, but there is something extremely cathartic about putting all of my thoughts onto virtual paper.


I cannot believe 2014 is among us! We rang in the new year at the beach with Wendel's family and it was wonderfully relaxing. It was pretty chilly {we went to Disney for a day and it was 45 degrees...cold, cold, cold} but vacation is about relaxing and enjoying time with family, not getting a tan. 

Wendel and I have talked a lot about this new year. 2013 was a hard year for us...especially for me. I laugh because I've heard a few people recently say "it takes getting married to realize how crazy you are" and I have to agree. Wendel is so self-less, patient, and wonderful and I am so so thankful for that! 

Now it's no surprise that I really love lists! I love me a bucket list or to-do list because I love being able to see all that we have accomplished {or more realistically laugh at all the things we did not do} so here's a list of our new years resolutions! 

{Check out last years resolutions here}

Lelia's Resolutions

1. Social Media Free Weekends

 I am not a complete addict, but I end up wasting time on social media instead of doing important things like resting. So less Instagram, more naps! And maybe more breakfast in bed, Wendel?

2. Truly observe the Sabbath

So I guess there's a theme of rest in this years resolutions. I am terrible about procrastinating and having to do lots of work on Sundays. So I am going to make Saturdays a day of productivity so I can relax on Sundays. 

3. Work on growing this little blog

I really love blogging. I love being able to watch back on the years past and see how my family has changed and developed. I have lots of changes in store {like a whole new design/url} and want to grow the blog. I would love to get a few sponsors and figure out a way to make a little money while doing this. But it's all about baby steps! So get ready for big changes ahead! 

4. Get back to my goal weight

I've gained about 8 lbs and need to get them back down. I know 8 lbs doesn't seem like much, but if I don't get it down, then it will turn in 15, 30, and I just don't want that to happen! So there's nothing like a fresh start to make you feel encouraged! 

Here's to less cookie cake...and more elliptical! 

{Wendel and I ate pretty much this entire thing by ourselves...oops}

5. Caffeine Free

I've been caffeine free for about a month now {except for the random times I've forgotten to tell them decaf at Starbucks and I can always tell because my heart begins to race} and I've loved it! I feel like I have much more energy and don't need that afternoon pick me up. I'm enjoying my decaf, diet ginger ale, and sleepy time tea...oh and water. Lots and lots of water! 

I still miss Cherry Zero...a lot! 

Wendels' Resolution

1. Run 1000 miles

Yes, you read that right...1000 miles! Which equals out to about 3 miles a day. Wendel is also planning on running the Flying Pig Marathon again, so training for that will knock out a large chunk. I'm just so thankful he is a motivated and healthy person. Can't wait for him to teach our kids to run one day! 

Yeah...he only had one, but that's a big one! Excited to have a major party for him when he reaches it!

We also decided to make some resolutions as a here they are!

The Wendel's Resolutions

1. Complete one big project a month

We always have big plans, but have trouble following through. So Wendel and I have a plan to have the project idea and the supplies for said project by the 10th of each month. That will give us a few weeks to compete our project by the end of the month! Hopefully I'll have 12 wonderful finished projects to show for it! 


2. Make Saturday Date Night

We go out on dates, but it's super spastic, and when we do go out on a date night we tend to take it for granted. So, we're making Saturday's out date night. We're going to try to only eat out one day a week, so that would be Saturday. 

3. Take a few weekend trips

We would love to take a few tiny vacations for places we can drive. We've booked a B&B via Groupon, so we're going to try to look for deals, and go where the coupons lead us! We already have two weekend trips planned {one to Birmingham to visit friends} so we're excited! 

4. Be Intentional

I would say one word that we use more than any other word is intentional. We try our best to be intentional with each other, with our families, with our jobs, and with our lives. We want to continue that forever! We are helping to start a marriage community at our church called M2 {Missional Marriage} and we're really excited to see where it goes! If you're in the Greater Cincinnati Area, like the Facebook page so you can be aware of things we have planned in the future! 

I'd love to hear some of your resolutions! Any really amazing ones I should add to my list? 

Have a fabulous Monday! 

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