Tuesday, December 24, 2013

{Merry Christmas Eve}

It's Christmas Eve! Eeee! I love the eve's of holidays. Everything is so exciting and the magic is bubbling over! We've already crammed in tons of family fun, and now we're ready for our last few Christmas dinners, then we leave for Florida on Saturday! Woo hoo! 

I think it's a tad late, but here's a look at the Christmas magic that happens around our house. 

I like to pick a few focal points to focus on instead and spreading things all around the house. 

The shelves of course got a little makeover! This post shows some of the ways we're decorated these little cuties! 

Alex's parents gave me a piece or two of this nativity set while we were dating. It helps us to bring it all back to the ready meaning of Christmas.

I know this looks like a crazy mess, but I kind of love it. So many special people are around that frame! 

I'm that weirdo that saves all of her Christmas cards, and here is how I do it. A whole punch and a ring clip...easy enough, right?

The bookcase is probably one of my favorite places. It's just so magical and super hard to take a picture of. But just take my word for it! 

Lelia via second grade-ish?

I just think this ornament is too darn cute! 

Meet Chester...I actually change his name every time I talk about him, but I love this little guy a lot! 

There is just something magical about seeing a Christmas tree through doors...am I alone in that?

Merry, Merry Christmas everyone! 

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