Monday, December 16, 2013

{An Advent Update}

We have been terrible about doing our advent fun this year! With Wendel finishing up another semester of his masters, and me finishing up things for our Christmas festivities at school, we've really been slacking. I mean...check out how terrible we've done: 

1st: Going to see How The Grinch Stole Christmas the musical with Wendel's parents! Best way to kick off the season! {Pretty simple...we had tickets so yes...we did this}

2nd: Watch Elf while making paper snowflakes. Wendel family tradition...and Wendel always wins! {Nope...}

3rd: Alex has class, but when he gets home we're going to have "fancy" hot cocoa {with whipped cream and sprinkles} while we watch some shows on our DVR! {Nope...}

4th: Leave Starbucks gift cards in unexpected places {ATM's, gas pumps, stop signs, etc.}{Didn't do this one either, and I'm bummed about it. But I'm hoping to do this soon!}

5th: Lelia's off school so have lunch together and finish decorating the house that night. {We actually did this...woo hoo!}

6th: Make a snowman shaped pizza and watch Christmas movies next to the fireplace. {Nope}

7th: Wendel planned date you see that Wendel? {Nope...Auburn Game...I backed off for this one!}
8th: Our city's Holiday Walk {Did it! Woo hoo!}

9th: Annual Gingerbread Decorating War {Miraculously fit this in-between Wendel studying for finals} 

10th: Christmas Caroling With My Class {Snow nope}

11th: Get hot cocoa and check out the Christmas lights around town {Nope}

12th: Bake Christmas goodies for our friends {We were scrambling to finish house stuff for our party so nope}

13th: We're hosting a Christmas party with our small group...woo hoo! You know there will be lots of Christmas fun going on! {Did this and it was a blast! Scroll down for pictures}

14th: Brunch with Santa with the littles then going to see our church's Christmas show! {Had the best, most fun day of Christmasy magic ever so it made up for all of the missing events!}

15th: We are volunteering at our church's Christmas serving together! {Had a blast volunteering together and then saw The Hunger Games so that was fun!}

16th: My class's Christmas show/party and then we'll do date night to celebrate being done! {The party was today and we did dinner out because I didn't feel like cooking so we can check a big yes for this!}

And that has us up to date! So woo hoo! Wendel is done with class until next semester so we should be able to get everything else done! Woo hoo!

Here are a few pictures for our Christmas party this past Friday!

I borrowed my mom's Christmas china, so we had ourselves a fancy little sit down dinner!

Then after dinner we made some fancy hot cocoa and headed to the basement for fireplace s'mores and games.

Oh yeah...and our basement is pretty much finished! I'm hoping to take some pictures this week! 

I painted this little short table with chalkboard paint, which was a fun way to label all of the s'mores fixings {which really didn't need labeling...but when you can, you do!}

And our lovely little tree! 

Here's what we have planned for the rest of Christmas time! Fingers crossed!

17th: Wrap Christmas presents and bake Christmas cookies

18th: Alex's work Christmas party

19th: Make cake pops for our neighbors and a themed Christmas dinner

20th: Go shopping for Christmas stocking stuffers and have a themed Christmas dinner

21st: Christmas ladies lunch and Wendel's family Christmas party

22nd: Annual Snowman Breakfast

23rd: Having dinner with my brother who lives in San Fran and having Christmas with Wendel's family. 

24th: Make Christmas breakfast and watch movies until Shipp Christmas that evening

25th: Christmas brunch at my brother's then Dinner with The Haas family

Ah Christmas time...I love you! 

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