Wednesday, January 8, 2014

{Our House List: 2013}

Like I mentioned on Monday, I love me a list! So the past year years, I've made lists of goals for our house. It's a fun way to organize our thoughts and then see how well we did. We got about a 50% in 2012 and I'll be honest, 2013 wasn't much better. 

1. Build a New Railing In The Entry {Fail}

This was on our 2012 list as well, and still in 2013 we haven't completed this. I plan on making this one of our monthly projects {from my new years resolutions} and knocking this baby out! Or we'll see this on the 2015 list as well :) 

2. Install a Tile Backslash in The Kitchen {Check}

This was the first thing we checked off our list, and we love it! It was s bit shocking at first, but we adore the personality it adds to the kitchen! 

3. Help Out Our Deck a Bit {Check}

We did this, but I didn't really document it. Bad blogger! We did a lot of staining {on the hottest week of the summer, might I add} and it looks a million times better! The color is a little funky, but the wood is less splintery, and it's shockingly a little cooler to the touch! Here's my best picture of the deck!

4. Build a Pergola on The Top Deck {Fail}

We didn't do this, because we started to re-think the idea. But I think I'm still in favor. So some saving for lots of wood is in store!

5. Install a New Front Door {Fail...Kind Of}

We didn't get a new front door, but we got a new back door. Exactly what we really needed! Here's all the deets of that process! 

6. Jazz Up Our Cutting Garden {Fail}

We actually changed the location of our cutting garden. The side didn't get enough sun. We moved it to the front and we planted tons of daises and lavender. Of course I didn't get any pictures, but I'll try to remember to share this summer when we get it up and moving again!

7. Add an Popping Detail in Our Bedroom {Fail}

This will defiantly be added to our 2014 list! I'll have some more brainstorming very soon! 

8. Re-Stain Our Bedroom Furniture {Fail}

I think we are going to save and buy new furniture. We're not sure that we can fix our current stuff, so let the hunting begin! 

9. Make Our Basement More Livable {Check}

This was our big thing for this year! We are in love with how it turned out, and we have many more plans for in the future! Can't wait!

10. Enjoy Our Pool More {Check...kind of}

It was a very cool summer for us in Cincinnati, and our pool is not heated. So we only used our pool about five times. Sad, sad! But at least I documented it!

Coring apples with Wendel's mom for making applesauce! 

I'll be back on Friday with our list for's kind of strange because we don't really have any huge projects this year. 2012 was redoing most of our flooring, 2013 was the basement and sliding door redo, and 2014 will be a few smallish projects. 

Do you all have anything exciting happening this year in your home? Any big/small projects you have planned? We'd love to hear! 

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  1. I'm so jealous! I wish we could make changes around this apartment of ours! But I can't wait to see your basement in person. I'm sure it's gorgeous!