Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{New Back Door...Eeeee}

While I'm traveling through Ireland with Wendel's family {and Wendel of course} I have some automated posts for you! I'm so proud of my very planned blogger self! To see me in real time, follow me on Instagram here! See you on the 19th! 

I shared with you here that we are finally getting a new door to replace the old {and original from the 60's} door for our huge overlook of our backyard/pool! 

Well guess what? 

It's done!!! 

The pictures do not do our pretty opening justice! And these pictures were really hard to sorry! You'll just have to swing by and check them out for yourselves :) 

Before I share more pictures, here are a few snapshots of the process...

Wide open...lovely! 

The door was out, and everything was going great...and then...

Yup...that would be totally rotten wood that was under the door. 

Our basement leaks at times, and this is why. So thankfully, these amazing guys fixed us right up! 

We are totally in love with the after! The door actually works, I love the molding and trim, and it just brightens up the entire room! 

Pretty decent view right? We feel so incredibly blessed...believe me! 

Now you'll notice the curtains are done. We want something very light and bright and haven't found the right ones yet, but when we find something...we'll share, I promise! 

We used a family friend, Bill Reinhart, from Select Kitchen Design {yeah...not a kitchen...I know} and he was phenomenal! Super professional, fast, and easy to work with! The workers were professional and sweet {remember when we had a not so nice experience with some Lowe's guys?} and cleaned up after themselves! I would recommend them time and time again and we will for sure use them in the future {hello new future front door?}

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