Monday, August 12, 2013

{Tie-Dying Fun}

While I'm traveling through Ireland with Wendel's family {and Wendel of course} I have some automated posts for you! I'm so proud of my very planned blogger self! To see me in real time, follow me on Instagram here! See you on the 19th! 

I had a sad thing happen to one of my favorite summer skirts...

While I was being domestic and cleaning our sink {because all people clean their sinks while dressed up for the day, right?} a drop of bleach came flying right on the front of my beautiful skirt. 

No real big deal, but this is a "tuck your shirt in" kind of skirt so it was very obvious and sad...

I know it looks like a speck in this picture...but it was worse in real life...promise!

So I decided to be adventurous...and ti dye it! That's the obvious solution, right? 

First off, I bought a pack of Rit Dye that takes the color out of your bleach but supposedly better...

Didn't exactly work...this is what it looked like after soaking it in the Rit Dye and THEN in good old bleach for over 24 hours! 

But it was going to be all dyed up, so this was good enough for me! 

I picked up this cute little tie-dye kit from Michael's for about $10 and I was ready to get messy! 

Pretty much all I did was just follow the instructions on the tie-dye kit...they had lots of pictures with ideas of how to rubber band your clothing so this is what mine looked like pre-dye. 

And here I am mid process. I really didn't need all of that not even close! In retrospect, I should have just chose two or three colors, but I had already mixed four by the time I thought about it and the dye is only good for 30 four colors it was! 

In case your wondering...that would be a our sink. What, you don't keep your succulents in your sink? Hm...

Back to the skirt...then it has to soak {in a plastic bag} for 24 hours. Then I washed it and dried it...and...

Here she blow! Bright, right? 

I think I'm terrified to wear it out on the town, but I kind of love it! It's bright, fun, and different! 

Have ya'll ever ruined something and then found a thrift solution to save it? 


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    1. Sorry it took me so long to respond! Thank so much! It's definitely bright :)