Friday, August 30, 2013

{Ireland Recap: Getting To Dublin}

Today marks the first of our Ireland adventure. Ya''s going to take a while! We were there for 8 days, drove all over Ireland, and saw a flippin' ton! I'm also working on a video of our time, so just bear with us...and enjoy the ride :) 

Brad, Faye, Wendel and I flew from Cinci, to Atlanta to meet up with Andi and Braedon...then we headed on our cute little green shamrock plane to the land of green. 

So as you imagine us frolicking about Ireland...imagine this beauty..."White Lightening" as we called her...

Oh and this crazy man...our driver who had to drive a stick shift, on the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road, really fast, next to massive tour buses. 

Dramamine was taken on the regular... we were making our way to our hotel...this was one of our first sights...yup...didn't think we would hear "man in a towel!" that early in the trip! 

We got to our hotel and all we wanted was to take a quick shower...but our rooms weren't ready. So what did we do? 

Head to a pub of course! 

A round of fish n' chips and Guinness {and one diet coke}

Then we went out and about the lovely Dublin town! 

Our first family picture in Ireland...with a caveman. Yup. 

Temple Bar Area

Amazing sand "castles"

I see what you did there Wendel...

Ya'll..the grass...I can't! {Wendel's least-favorite sentence on the blog...ever!}

This was in the gardens by Saint Patrick's Cathedral. The history is definitely not lacking in Ireland! Unbelievable that they were able to build these stunning cathedrals in the 1200's...mind blown! 

Can you tell we were all exhausted? And I didn't sleep on the plane because I was catching up on Downton Abbey....much much more important than sleep :) 

After a quick shower, and another stick-to-your-bones Irish meal, we were all very ready for bed! 

We turned in early and woke up the next day ready to hit the road for of my favorite places in Ireland!  

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