Friday, August 16, 2013

{Flashback Friday: London}

While I'm traveling through Ireland with Wendel's family {and Wendel of course} I have some automated posts for you! I'm so proud of my very planned blogger self! To see me in real time, follow me on Instagram here! See you on the 19th! 

Since we're traveling in Ireland right now...woot woot...I thought I'd share our trip to London in college! 

Wendel and I had the opportunity to study abroad in London for a month right after Christmas. We were taking an art and theater class, so we were in the art museums and theaters the entire time...rough life, right? 

Here's a peek into our time there! 

{Oh and this is pre-weight loss there's that...}

I was a lead in Blood Brother in high school and our professor surprised me by taking us to see it...I was so excited! 

We got to celebrate New London...amazing! 

Harrods for ice cream! 

Cutest cupcake shop ever! They were the best cupcakes and the shop was just precious...really hope to find them again someday! 

Modern Art favorite!

Never got to ride The single biggest regret ever!

Portobello Road

Really hope to go back again someday! I'm sure Prince George will want to hang out with Future Wendels so we'll have to make the trip over :) 

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