Monday, August 19, 2013

{The Nine Month Project...}

Happy Monday! I hope everyone's weekend was wonderful! We got back from Ireland Sunday evening so I'll be back on Wednesday with the beginning of an Ireland rundown! Can't wait to share all of the fun we had!

Remember when we tore out all of our carpet and hired someone to redo our hard woods?

Yeah probably not because that was almost a year ago!

Well we had some work to do after the flooring guy left...and only did half of it...until a few weeks ago!

This was pre-sanding and staining...not so pretty right? I actually think that was when there were thousands of staples in the hard wood too...that was fun :)

This is after much better, right? 

But we were still left with these ugly risers and what I failed to take a picture of is the gap between the step and the riser. It wasn't huge, but in some spots there was a few centimeter bueno.  

There were also tons of little holes and scratches in the risers from nails and such...

So Wendel filled the holes with wood filler and then sanded them.

And here's where I failed as a blogger ya'll...I only have after pictures! Ah! 

To fill that little gap, Wendel stained and cut from quarter round that is curved in. 

The change makes it look so much better! I'm obsessed and thankful for a husband who will do little projects like this for me! 

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