Thursday, August 8, 2013

{Corn Hole Bag...Bag}

Happy Thursday! Sorry I was MIA yesterday...I've been crazy getting ready to leave for Ireland on Friday {Eee}, cleaning the house, doing projects, and finishing up some school stuff! So I have a special little Thursday post for ya'll! 

A long long time ago Wendel and I re-did our corn hole set to give it a little make over! 

Well my mom whipped up some new corn hole bags for us using this tutorial and then I finally got around to making a bag to hold the...bags... :) 

I picked up an $8 canvas bag from Michael's and used some Rit Dye I had on hand. 

I attempted an ombre but it only slightly worked. And then I just used some paint I had on hand and painted away. 

Shorts: Loft
Shirt: Loft {old}
Shoes: Chucks

I have to admit though, we still haven't used our corn hole set...sad right? Hopefully this month we'll whip it out! 

Happy "It's Almost Friday!"

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