Friday, August 2, 2013

{Our House...Right This Moment}

In the hopes of letting ya'll know that I'm so not perfect, I thought it would be fun for me to randomly share what our house looks like RIGHT this moment...

I'm embarrassed...but here it goes! I took these just a few minutes this is really what we're living with right now. 

We were supposed to have our new door installed on Wednesday, but it rained, so it's delayed until our house is all out of order...but this is REALLY what our home looks like this morning! 

Can you see that dust on the floor? Seriously...can't wait to scrub those floors on Monday! Oh side note...teacher schedules are the best! me some Today Show!

Our fun shelf decorations have been taken down just in case they would accidentally fall off during the door install. I'll share that pretty-ness next week! 

Our coffee/protein shake area turns into a throw everything and anything here area...same with that little railing above it. 

A succulent that needs to be planted, a book that our friend sent us {in response to my perfectionist post...seriously...we have the best friends who look out for us!}...and me some coupons! 

This is the most embarrassing. I always make the bed, but I was running late for spinning this yeah...this is real life. 

Our yellow room is a disaster! We've got living room stuff in here, and Wendel's been going through his suits so we have things to go to the tailors, and all kinds of other randomness. 

And, unfortunately, our basement looks like this a lot! We just don't use this area a lot, so it gets dumped on quite frequently. But we're about to show our basement some love this fall..and I'm excited! 

So yeah...there you go! Our house doesn't look perfect all the time...promise! 

Happy Friday!! 

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