Tuesday, August 27, 2013


{I know I promised you an Ireland post but I'm still working on it, and had this little ditty ready...so Friday will be Ireland update day! Get ready!}

Wendel and I love fire. Well let's be honest...who doesn't love fire? 

There's just something about it...we could stare at a fire for hours not saying a word to each other...sad but true. 

We've been through two of the cheapy {when did $100 become cheap?} metal fire pits, and Wendel was so over it. 

So in preparation for fall time, Wendel decided we needed to make a for real fire pit in the back yard. 

{Enter angels singing with fire blazing behind them...very rockstar-esque}

This is all Wendel's deal so I'm going to let him take it away...go for it Wendel!

Hello again, BlogWorld!

So when I was given the all clear from wifey to make a fire pit, I was beyond excited.  I had been getting my campfire fix from a two foot diameter $20 aluminum bowl until now.  Those things just do not get the job done.  So here is how the real fire pit (codename: The Colosseum) came to be:

When trying to place/plan any circular project, I always go with the old string tied to a stick method.  Learned this one long ago from "G" (my dad).  To do this, get a stick, string, duct tape, and spray paint.  Cut the string to the radius of your circle and tape it to the stick.  Then use the other side of the string as a guide for your spray paint circle.

Once you have your circle (roughly) laid out, get the shovel, a glass of your favorite bourbon, and a cigar and start digging.  I went down about two inches below the grass line to get all the roots and prevent future growth.

Now comes the fun part, you gotta get the supplies to the pit somehow right?  Might as well drive through your yard in the company truck!  Now there are a few things here you can do that I elected not to.  Typically, if you are going to build a decorative/retaining wall, you will put down some kind of weed barrier.  I elected not to do this because usually weeds have trouble growing when they are on fire.  So I just went with the bottom layer of pea gravel

Unfortunately I failed in my supportive blogger husband duties by not getting the pit with just the gravel and no blocks.  I am still struggling with the documentation process!  But alas,  here is our new fire pit!

Isn't he just the cutest ya'll? Most supportive husband award!

We christened the fire pit this weekend for our niece's 16th birthday party...16th! Nuts! 

We'll get lots more pictures this weekend when we spend a lot of time around it with our friend Theron who's coming into town this weekend! 

I seriously can't wait for fall so I can drink a pumpkin spiced latte next to a blazing fire...ahh bliss! 

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