Monday, August 5, 2013

{Weekend of Weddings}

Wendel and I had quite the weekend! We were honored to be invited to two weddings on Saturday and it just worked out that we were able to hit both! 

First up, we headed to the gorgeous Basilica in Covington to see my cousin, Kathleen get married...she was a stunning bride and I have to say...Catholic Ceremonies are growing on me! 

Like I said...the ceremony was pretty phenomenal! 

Sadly we weren't able to stay for the reception because Alex's cousin {who he works with} was getting married that evening. So we headed home for a quick lunch and dress change, and we were off to the next wedding! 

The second wedding was at the stunning Pinecroft Mansion

This was our first time to this venue...and I have to was gorgeous! 

The bride was beautiful and the aisle was pretty much Alex's dream land! 

They had these cute little poppers for when they walked down the aisle together...again...I was pretty much dying! 

After a cocktail hour in the garden, we headed inside the gorgeous tent for dinner and dancing! 

Wendel's family owns a company that makes identification tags {i.e. dog tags, plant tags, cow tags} so they made these cute little bands and used them as napkin rings {we used tags as wine charms in our wedding}

I never tired of seeing Mr. and Mrs! 

And then there was the photo was such a blast! Love that I have some playful in-laws to have fun with! 

It was a fabulous weekend, but boy are we tired! We helped out with a high school lock-in Friday night and with all of that combined...I'm sleepy! 

But guess what? We leave for Ireland on Friday...ah! So I've got lots to napping here :) 

Happy Monday!! 


  1. Looks like such a great wedding weekend! And I can't believe you leave for Ireland so soon. Good luck packing!

    1. Thanks! I need's so overwhelming!