Sunday, August 3, 2014

{Ireland Recap: Doin' The Dingle}

We started off our third morning by walking around Kinsale and doing a little shopping...

Bought the most expensive sweater I will ever buy...but it was handmade...and it's amazing. Can't wait to break it out later this fall! 

I love this little town. Some of the smallest streets I've ever seen! 

Very cool shot by Wendel

This sweater...worn almost every day! 

The roofs amazed us...

Then it was back in the car for a very long scenic The Dingle. read that right. The Dingle. 

We affectionately called this day "Doin' The Dingle"...

Craziest driver ever...but he got us everywhere safely so I won't complain :) 

We stopped half way through The Dingle for lunch and to stretch our legs! 

There's a story of this dolphin in the water that heals people or something...blah blah was a place to sit :) 

Cute little mama-in-law

The sheep with the painted toochies :) 

Only a little windy...

These two...adore them!

So so so many signs!

Bathroom break :) One of about 4376 bathroom breaks during this trip. 

Faye printed off this little Dingle tour that gave you narration to describe the scenery as we were passing it, and Andi was our tour guide. I'll admit...I totally loved it! So fun to actually know what the heck you're looking at...other than gorgeousness. 

I love this in-laws are the absolute cutest!

How did I get so lucky?

That evening we finished "Doin' The Dingle" and then got a quick dinner before heading to our B&B for the night!

White Lightening....bless her little heart. 

The next day is what I like to call "That Day Lelia Thought She Might Die"...

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