Friday, August 15, 2014

{Wendels Love...}

Wendel did pretty much the cutest thing ever for my birthday this past year! 

He wrote a Wendel Family Mission Statement

I had talked about wanting to write one, and he whipped up the cutest, sweetest, most precious thing ever! 

His crazy awesome sister took his words, and designed one of my most prized possessions. 

It reads: 

Wendels love, Wendels play hard, Wendels work hard, Wendels keep their promises, Wendels look out for their friends, Wendels seek out and discover new things, Wendels are strong because they are never alone, Wendels move forward together and grow with each other, Wendels find the good in everything around them, Wendels make mistakes and learn from them, Wendels try to make the world better, Wendels care for each other, Wendels try their best, Wendels are honest, Wendels are brave, Wendel's love. 

Could you not just DIE?

I'm so thankful Wendel whipped this up, and honored that Andi made it so beautiful! 

We do want to add one or two things to it...but we're thrilled with it for now! 

I cannot wait to have little bit Wendels proclaiming these things in their daily lives. 

We want little bits baddddd...

But like we always say...they're worth the wait! 

We were supposed to share sunroom pictures today...but I just didn't get all the photos I wanted! 

So Monday morning people...on my honor! 

Check instagram this weekend, because I'll be sharing sneak peeks! 

Have a fabulous weekend!