Monday, August 4, 2014


We had the summer of travel.

We thought last year we had crazy traveling with Ireland, but this year was crazy

Seven weekends in a row crazy.

I roughly added that we traveled about 4,000 miles not including Mexico.

A lot of car time.

But we were able to see lots of friends, spend time with family, get back to the good old days of long drives together, and became pros at packing/unpacking and doing laundry! 

Here's a quick recap of what our summer looked like...

Weekend 1: Greenville, Tennesee

We started out by traveling to Greenville, Tennessee to see one of my very best friends from college get married!

We drove down with sweet Amber {or Amanda...whichever you'd prefer} who lives in Louisville. 

Sweet, precious friends for the rehearsal dinner! This is all of us minus, Courtney who wasn't able to make it. 

My forever wedding date.

Amber and I were beautiful are those flowers? 

Not the greatest picture, but oh well! She was such a stunning bride and we had such a fun time dancing the night away! 

One last breakfast together before saying goodbye until the next wedding :) 

Weekend 2: Asheville with the Wendors

Wendel, the in-laws, and I met Alex's sister and her husband {who live in Atlanta} in Asheville for a relaxing weekend. We rented the most idyllic cabin in the woods and had so much fun soaking up the nature and all that Asheville had to offer! 

You may remember that Wendel and I went to Asheville over spring break, so it was fun to check things out again! 

Our last day in Asheville, we headed to The Grove Park Inn for brunch and exploring. 

Wendel and I will be back to stay at this hotel...but the lottery! 

Weekend 3: Birmingham For Courtney's Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party

I flew to Birmingham to celebrate my precious best friend and college roommate, Courtney, for her bridal shower and bachelorette party. I helped to host her bridal shower, so it was a busy weekend, but we had an absolute blast! 

The out-of-town bridesmaids...loved getting to know them! 

Fourth Weekend: Birmingham {Again} For Terra's Wedding

It was the summer of weddings for my sweet friends! My dear, precious Terra got married Fourth of July weekend.

While we were in town, we got to see our precious "sweetmate", April! 

It was the most incredible day! It was breezy, sunny, and so not Birmingham-like. 

Another stunner of a bride! 

This is all of us! I absolutely adore these women! 

Fifth and Sixth Weekend: Mexico...but that's for another day :) 

Seventh and Final Weekend: Courtney's Wedding

It was amazing to go out with a bang celebrating my precious best friend! It was such a fun weekend...can we do it again?


Photo bombed :) 

And that rounds out the traveling...except for Mexico...I'll be back on Wednesday with a huge post on the amazing times we had! 

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