Friday, August 29, 2014

{Neon Tie-Dye}

Happy Friday Friends! 

I haven't done a fashion post since I was frolicking in the sunflowers, so I thought I'd share an outfit I wore for a fun dinner to celebrate my nieces 17th birthday...yes...I have a niece who is 17! 

Interesting Lelia fact: my sister was 17 years old when I was born...I think you'd consider me an "oops"...

I bought this dress for Mexico and it is seriously the most special and comfortable dress of all time! 

I kind of feel like a fairy in it...and could twirl all day long...strange?

And I don't think pictures do it justice...just sayin'...

It's a halter top and has a super low back which means I'm not totally comfortable wearing that out and about normally {Mexico...beach...totally fine!}

But when in doubt...chambray it up! Am I right? 

Also, I think this outfit would be precious with a baby bump...just sayin'! 

I may or may not have poked that belly out to show Wendel...I'm embarrassed by how amazingly realistic I can make a pregnant belly...sans an actual pregnant belly. Too many soft serve cones anyone?

And because...GIF's are the flippin' best! 

Side note: I'd love your feedback about fashion posts! 

When I do outfit posts, do you prefer if I just link the items up like I did today, or put in more detail like this?

I feel like it can all get a little messy looking...but whatever ya'll like is what I'll do! 

Get excited because Monday I have a video house tour ready to go! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous, and safe, long weekend! 

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