Monday, August 11, 2014

{Infertility: Update Two}

Well, it's time for another infertility update!

If you need to get caught up, here are the first and second posts about infertility.

We're still not pregnant...and it's still okay.

We've had a few minor developments.

I had an HSG done {where they send red dye through your Fallopian tubes} recently and they were able to tell me that I'm am looking peachy. Thank You God! My Fallopian tubes and uterus are normal and seem to be functioning great.

To much information? Just keepin' it real ya'll!

My most fertile months are the two months following, flushing out the tubes is what helps the most.

That just puts an awful lot of pressure on us...what if it doesn't happen in these months?

What does that mean?

It's terrifying.

We have been talking about how long do we wait until we start seeking fertility treatments.

Do we wait another year?

Do we wait another six months?

And we just don't know.

We don't have the answers.

But what we do know is that His plan is good.

So freaking good.

Better than ours.

And we're okay waiting for His plan to work itself out.

Our little bit is worth the wait...and when I see little bit in Wendel's arms...all of this sadness will be worth it.

Now I'll be honest, 90% of the time, I don't have this attitude.

For the most part, I'm sad, mad, frustrated, depressed, anxious, mad, worried, mad.

Did I mention mad?

It does not get easier watching people announce their pregnancies.

But I'll tell you what does help...holding sweet, squishy babies!

We've had a few friends have little ones recently, so we've had our fair share of baby holding and it's freaking awesome!

My heart breaks into a million pieces when Wendel holds babies, and that dude fights to hold those babies.

Seriously...I've never seen my husband more assertive that when he's around a baby and wants to hold that squishy preciousness.

It's equally precious and wahhh?

I have a pretty intense post that I have written and am just afraid it will straight up freak ya'll out.

It was written on one of my super bad days, and I just don't know if I should post it or not.

Still marinating on that one.

Our church's service this past Sunday Hit. The. Spot.

I'll link it up once it's put up on the website, but it was so refreshing and exactly what I needed.

That's about all for now everyone!

Remember, all of you going through this with us, I'm here to yell at, talk with, and pray with!

E-mail me...I'm here to support and walk along side of you!

Happy Monday Friends!

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  1. Praying for you guys! And when you're down, just remember one of the best mottos that I live by: TREAT YO'SELF! Love ya!