Friday, August 8, 2014

{Marriage...It's Awesome: Part 2}

Hey Friends!

So I'll have an infertility update for you on Monday...still processing through some feelings, so I'm holding off on publishing it right this moment.

But for now, let's chat about marriage! 

We got such a great response from our first Marriage...It's Awesome post that I thought I'd do a few more of these! 

We don't hide how much we love being married, and we by no means are pros, but in our three years of marriage we have learned a lot!

Here are five more things we've learned from marriage!

Oh and side note: very unintentional but these all turned out being things that I do for him...not planned I promise! 

1. Fill Him In

Besides learning each other's love languages, this is probably the second thing that has revolutionized our marriage. It's a cheesy little thing called Wendel Weekly. I send it to Wendel every Sunday evening, and it details our week, what we have planned, what we're having for dinner, etc. The most important thing is that this gives me time to sit down and electronically send him some encouragement. It may be as simple as "hey...I love you lots"...or it may be "thank you so much for how hard your working to make my big dreams for our house come true." It helps me feed into his love language, but also just shower him with the verbal love that he so deserves.

He also loves it because he actually knows what's going on and doesn't get in trouble for not knowing...hehe...anyone else understand that? I'm pretty sure he looks at that e-mail right before he walks in the door, just so he can prepare himself for what he's walking into. 

I love it because I can plan out our week, make meal plans/grocery lists, and know that the week has in store for us. It's also amazing because if Wendel gets home before I do, he knows what we're having for dinner and can start! It helps my type A personality to visualize and then attack. 

I challenge ya'll to try it...even if just once. 

It may work for ya' may not. But it's worth a try!'s a lot of work! It takes me about 30 minutes...but I'd rather spend my 30 minutes on that than the mindless Pinteresting that would be going on otherwise. 

2. Give Him Space

I'm an extrovert...big time. So as soon as Wendel walks in the door, I want to talk and see how his day was, and give him a big hug and kiss {so his physical touch quota doesn't get low...wink wink}. But he really just needs a minute. He's been trying to go into our bedroom, a few days a week, and just lay. Not think. Just lay. Seriously? That sounds like my own personal hell, but he needs it. And after talking to other wives, it sounds like a lot of their husbands need something similar. Sometimes men just need some time to relax, take a walk, go in the woods, and just be. Let him. 

3. Speaking Of Woods...

Be outdoorsy with him! I know not all men are the same, but Wendel loves to be outdoorsy. He loves to take walks, go hiking, play in the woods, lay in the grass. Pretty much if a six year old boy would like it...Wendel would. I don't mind being outsides, but I don't seek it out. So sometimes, I have to stop blogging/watching my movie, and get outdoorsy with him. Take a walk, sit on the front porch, drink a beer on the back deck, go to the local park, etc. He'll love it...and you'll burn some calories...bonus! 

4. Plan SPECIAL Date Nights For Him

Sometimes we feel like guys should plan all of the romantic dates for us. Well I'm here to tell you to plan something special for him. Don't plan something you would love...but something he would love. That may be going out for beer and wings. Going on a bourbon tour. Taking some sporting equipment to the park and playing around {side note: we did this during Wendel's birth week one year and we had a freaking's awesome} Seeing a super duper action movie with lots of blood and guts. Going to a bar and shooting pool. I can pretty much guarantee it's not going ballroom dancing, or seeing a play. Plan something special for your man and enjoy it with him!

5. Be Silly

Wendel and I laugh...a lot. We do weird things together that we often have to stop and say "do other couples do this?" and I love it. When we stop laughing with each other is when I sign us up for marriage counseling. Sometimes, even in the stressful times, you need to laugh really hard together. So don't be afraid to be ridiculous! Have fun together, and laugh until your stomach hurts. I pray that our children see our marriage as a fun one. If that's what they take away from marriage...that it's fun...I'd be totally okay with that!

So it's your turn! What are some of your tips to making an awesome marriage? I'd love to hear!

And because I just can't do a post with NO are some of our latest Instagram photos!

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Have a lovely weekend friends!   

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