Friday, August 1, 2014

{Back...and Ready For Action}

Hello Friends! 

I'm back! 

It's been such a crazy, busy, fun, and relaxing month and a half off...but I'm thrilled to be back in action! 

I missed sharing my thoughts, journaling our lives, sharing my inspiration, and being apart of this blogging community! 

So I'm back, and I hope you missed me a little...

A little...maybe? 

I'll be doing many different updates next week! 

House updates. 

Infertility updates. 

Traveling updates

But for now, how about a super random life update? 

1. We got hooked on House of Cards and Scandal and I'm now equally obsessed and terrified of politics. 

2. I'm running...ya'll...running. I was never a runner and never thought I could be a runner. But lo and behold, here I am...running. I still struggle though it...but I'm loving the feeling afterwards! 

3. I know you probably want to shoot me in the face, but I'm already so excited for fall! Alex spoke the words 'pumpkin spice latte' and I actually teared up. Oh my love for fall is just too much! Almost as nutso as Christmas...which yes...I'm excited for that too!

4. I can't even explain how excited I am to enjoy the rest of our summer in Cincinnati! There's so much I've missed! Findlay market, Red's games, picnics, dinners downtown, Sawyer Point, bike rides...So you better believe we'll be soaking up every second of our favorite city! This weekend we're gearing up for Luminosity {I snagged tickets...the angels rejoice} a Findlay market trip, and hopefully a date night on the river. 

5. We offered to take video for my best friends wedding last weekend, and I'm working on a little recap video from the festivities. And it hit me...we don't video enough. We take snapshots of our lives so beautifully in picture form, but where are all of those awkward, in-your-face, wobbly hand, "Verna, say hi to the camera" memories? I think Wendel and I will start to do more of that. I want to remember how people sounded, how they laughed, and catch all of those memories that so often are lost in the shuffle. 

So that's about all! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer! Talk to you all soon! 

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