Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hey Friends! 

I'm alive...we're worries! 

I took an unexpected blogging hiatus last week and it still kind of continues. 

Here's the DL...

My outfit of the days have been workout clothes and PJ's...

We're still not pregnant {insert sarcastic cheering}...

We're in the middle of about five projects, but none of them are far enough along to show you...

Orange Is The New Black has overtaken my life...

Wendel is in his last week of his summer class so he's been busy...

We're traveling WAY too much, so I'm in a constant state of packing, unpacking, and doing laundry...

And blogging just sucks sometimes...

Sorry to cuss ya'll...actually...nope...not sorry. 

Blogging is so frustrating! 

It takes so much time, people typically don't get what blogging is and how much time it takes, I don't know what I want for my blog re-design...literally the only time I've been indecisive...ever, I feel like this little blog will never "take off", and I go through the "I'm quitting blogging" thing like once a month. 

Sweet Mrs. Measom explained it so well in her post about blogging frustration...I felt her so clearly in every work she spoke. 

So this is what I'm doing...I'm peacing out on blogging until August.

I'm not in a depression...don't worry!

I just need to extend myself some grace!

I actually hurts my heart to do this. Wendel has asked me like five times if I really want to do this. 

I doubt any of you will go into a depression....but I just really need to do this! 

I think I'll come back refreshed, rejuvenated, and excited about blogging again...hopefully! 

So I'll see you in August! 

I'll be able to recap our summer travels...

Maybe I'll have a new look on the blog...oh deal Lord please!

Hopefully we'll have the sun-room totally done...

And maybe a few other projects will be underway! 

Thank you so much to everyone who does read and support and love this blog of mine!

If you want to follow me in real time, follow my Instagram account...I'll for sure be sharing more there! 


  1. I think it's a good idea to just let it go and take your time until you love to write for us again. I'll be here waiting for your summer stories :)

    1. It will be a great refreshing period...and I already can't wait to share some of our adventures! See you in a month :)