Wednesday, June 4, 2014

{Numero Tres}

Three in the world is that possible? 

These have been the most incredible, hilarious, fulfilling yet at times painful three years of our lives. 

Being together for seven years before we got married, I didn't think it was possible to love Wendel any more than I already did. Man was I naive!

He has shown me more grace, support, encouragement, fun, and love than I could ever have dreamed.

Like I shared on Friday, we took some pictures with one of our favorite local photographers. 

One of my mom's from last year{I taught her son} is the incredible photographer behind Burning Chair Photography. Tabitha does it all, and does it so beautifully! She's also a blast to shoot with, which makes life SO much easier! 


Sorry was too cool of a picture not to include :) 

Our yearly can't see it, but I was on crutches for our first anniversary

Wendel bought me these as a little random gift last year! And ya'll...they came from South Africa! It was the neatest package to receive with lots of beautiful stamps! 

You can't frolic in the woods without dancing while wearing a flower crown...right?

Ya'll...this cake...I was so proud of it! And I'll admit it, that cake tasted amazing! We nibbled on it for days before we had to throw it out or we would have gained 10 lbs each! 

So in this picture, I had sparkles ALL over myself after taking pictures for my blogiversary...we had to edit them out a bit but you can still see one on my eyebrow :) 

My grandmother made this quilt...can't wait to wrap our daughter up in this and rock her to sleep one day! 

You can read ALL about our wedding hereherehere, and here. Plus our engagement here, our first anniversary here, and our second anniversary here

Happy Anniversary Wendel! 


  1. Adorable pictures, Lelia!!! The love you have for each other shines through in the photos and it looks like you had tons of fun! Happy Anniversary!