Wednesday, June 6, 2012

{Hi...Yeah We're Married: The Portraits}

Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited to be sharing with you some of our portrait tips and tricks as a part of our One Year Anniversary Wedding Week Post extravaganza! So far you're heard about how we got engaged, and all of our tips and tricks for making getting ready for your big day stress free! Today we've got lots of portraits to share from our wedding day, where we took our pictures/way, and some tips for getting those perfect portraits!  

Let's start off with the most important aspect of getting incredible photos...the photographer. Obviously there are tons of talented photographers in the Greater Cincinnati Area, but we weren't looking for "picture perfect", super retouched, fake looking eyes photographs. We were looking for a photographer who was going to take pictures of the moments...not stage us throughout the day! We wanted someone who was an artist, not just someone who picked up a camera and calls herself a photographer. And we found just the woman in Amanda Mera of Sunny Studios. Let me tell you...this woman is so insanely talented! We pretty much knew immediately we wanted to book her! She is so laid back and not to mention totally adorable! The cherry on top was that her super awesome husband was able to come to help out! Between these two people, we got fabulous photos of every moment throughout the day! 

So let's start with where we took our pictures. We started out at P&G Gardens, a place that we had driven past hundreds of times and absolutely loved! 

This is where we saw each other for the first time. So let's just chat about that for a moment! A lot of people are so against this...we were 100% on board! We wanted to not be rushing after the ceremony to get pictures taken, and we wanted to take pictures at multiple locations. Plus, I wanted those pictures of me tapping Alex on the back, him turning around, and seeing me all done up! People say that if you see each other before, then you won't have that amazing "walking down the aisle" experience, and we  can whole heartily that we still did! I still had that feeling when the curtains opened and I started walking towards my man! But, it's not my job to convince  you...this is what we did and we weren't disappointed for one second! 

So without further adieu, here are the "here I come Mr. Wendel" pictures! 

Freaking out because Amanda told me he was already emotional! Freaking out! 


I mean hello...amazing right? They were perfect, and this is exactly how I had imagined it! 

Now came the group photos! I wanted them to be pretty informal, which is what we got, and I love it! We had so many kiddos involved, and it was HOT, so perfect was not what we were going for! It was more of a "everyone find a spot and smile!" photo and I adore it! 

Men...take off your jackets at some point! Number 1, they all relaxed so much when those jackets came off! And number 2, they look so GQ right? 

Ladies, take a deep breath! There was no rhyme or reason for how we were standing. Obviously I was in the middle and everyone piled around! If you're going for'll be disappointed...I promise! 

And have fun! I think the laughing pictures are the cutest! Love them! 

 Okay so now for the portraits of the bride and groom! Again, I would say nothing too staged. It starts to look awkward and well...staged! Just do what you would naturally do! 

The next place we went was pretty was our venue. The Bell Event Center. I'll talk all about this gem tomorrow, but it was the perfect place for pictures. We wanted to have some floral/outdoorsy shots, and then some rural shots.  The Bell was the perfect spot for the rural/brick awesomeness shots! We did couple shots just us first so we could give our bridal party and the kiddos some time to cool down inside. Then we did some with the whole bridal party! 

I love this picture...look at Elizabeth, our niece! She is so precious! 

Bridal's a southern thing that I just don't get. Brides get pictures taken before the wedding day to display in the reception, but isn't it two people getting married? I just don't get it...but we did get some beauty shots to show off my fabulous make up!! 

Oh hello lashes...I wish you were mine 100% of the time! 

Okay, so enough of our incredible portraits! Here are our tips for getting those picture perfect photos! 

1. need to stress! Just let the photographer do their job! That's why picking a photographer you trust is so important! 

2.  If it's summer time, have fans around! We used these things like crazy, and we were so thankful we had them! Believe'll thank me! 

3. Brides, this is going to sound super diva-ish, but this is something I didn't plan, but just happened...and I'm so thankful for it! When Wendel and I went to take our couple shots, my sister (and matron of honor) came with us to dab by face. Ladies...the summer time is're going to sweat! Having her to make I don't look like I just hit the gym was fabulous! Pick someone you trust who will tell you what looks good and bad! 

Thanks Amanda for getting this shot...I think it's hilarious and I kind of love it! 

4. Hyrdate! No one wants a bride who has passed bueno! So make sure you and your bridal party have plenty of water! We had a cooler that we brought with us int he idea we had! 

5. Smile fake, awkward smiling please! If you smile with no teeth normally...don't try to be Julia Roberts on your wedding day! You want to look like the best version of yourself! 

6. Don't stress! Let the photographer do his/her job! They are a professional for a reason, and you hired them for a reason!! 

Okay, so those are my tips! You don't have to agree with all of them (some of you may love your blue re-touched, looks like you painted over them, eyes...totally up to you!) Check back tomorrow for details about our beautiful ceremony! 


  1. I love this anniversary week! Your photos are gorgeous! I completely agree with you about finding a great photographer. Ours made our day and helped me feel so calm about taking the photos and getting all the ones we wanted. I love seeing Courtney Kelly in your photos! I was a Phi Mu with her!

  2. Yeah it makes me sad when people have had this amazing wedding and didn't hire a good photographer to capture everything! And yeah Courtney is hilarious and was so much fun the whole day!! Love her!!