Thursday, June 21, 2012

{Let's Get Crafty!}

Wow guys, I've been a huge slacker this week! We have been busy, busy, busy and I completely forgot to post anything the past few days! I even had some posts ready...and just totally forgot to publish them. Opps! But here's the latest on my crafting lately! 

I feel like the summer flies by, and before I know it, I've accomplished nothing! So...I made a few goals for myself! Let's hope I accomplish them!! 

One of theme is to complete a crafty project once a week. 

So far I've made this necklace

 I've made this maxi shirt

And I've worked on and am almost finished with a new piece of art work for our office! {Stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about that!}

Here are a few more of the projects that I'm planning on working on! 

{Dying a pair of pants} 

I have a pair of pants that I never wear because the color of them are really I'm excited to give them a bit of a change by dying them! I'm thinking a mint green color perhaps! We'll see! 

{Make This Skirt}

I just think this skirt is precious! This is the exact style of skirt that I am drawn to, so hopefully I'll be able to figure out this pattern and whip up a few colors of this skirt!! 

{Make A Fourth of July Wreath}

I really adore Holiday wreaths! I'm loving this one for the Fourth of July and think it will be perfect for my current gimpy lifestyle!!

{Make These Precious Glasses}

I think there are so cute and can be used in so many ways! A candle holder, place for lemons/limes, or just a plain old glass for some wine on the back porch! 

{Paint Our Corn Hole Set}

Our corn hole set has seen better days!! I love how simple and classic this set is! We'll see what we end up with, but sprucing up the corn hole set is a must! 

So...what do you all have in store for this summer? Anything super fun that I need to do too? 


  1. How did you make that necklace? I love chunky, bold necklaces like that!

  2. Yeah I'm loving these for summer! I used this tutorial to make the necklace: