Wednesday, August 6, 2014

{The Wendels Do Mexico}

In the midst of traveling craziness, we were able to fit in a real vacation, just us two. 

Actually...we had this planned back in just worked out that everything fell around it! 

So off we flew to the Excellence Resort in Playa de Mujeres nestled in gorgeous Cancun, Mexico. 

And ya' was heaven! This was right outside of our back porch...incredible!

Right behind me...yup...that's a lazy river. 

We did a whole lot of nothing really. We did a lot of laying by the pool, a little beach relaxing, lots of naps and movie afternoons, a few work outs, way more eating than was necessary, and I tried every single drink they knew to make trying to find one I liked...and eventually...I did. 

Dinner by the pool. We were in awe of the people who would be in the pool until 7:30...freaking nuts! There's no 3:00 I'm over it. Ready for a shower and a nap...but I applaud the people who can spend all day outside in the sun...go you!

The mango tango ya''s incredible! I had far, far too many of them! 

My sweet, precious husband! 

We took a little bike ride around the estate...excuse the crazy eyes! 

We ended up in a little parrot sanctuary on the property...and we got to hold a flippin' parrot! Crazy! 

At the top of this random tower on the estate.

Nope...not a backdrop ya'll. 

This was my spot ya'll...I dream of relaxing back at that spot with a mango tango!

Quiet times in the mornings with our little pet...we named in Norman...and he was a funny little thing. Showed up every.single.morning. 

Wendel and I got our first couples massage and it was heaven! It was the funniest thing seeing Alex in a white robe...I could have died!

Our last day, I was determined to do everything possible! We didn't do everything on this list...but a decent amount...I was impressed!

And then in the blink of an eye, it was time to so sad!

Oh, and we have to rub it in a little more with pictures of the incredible! 

These little floating beds were straight from heaven. Oh and FYI this is where we relaxed pretty much everyday! We could relax in the chairs, dip our toes in the water, and when it got crazy hot swim around and lay in those hammocks to the top left. It was perfection!

We will have a light like this in our home sometime...I'm already scheming!

The lobby and martini bar...and ya'll...I tried no no no.

It was absolutely amazing! 

So thankful that we invested the time and money into this vacation. 

Has anyone ever been to this resort? Or been to one we need to check out? 

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