Monday, August 18, 2014

{Sunroom Makeover}

It's finally here...the sun-room is FINISHED!

And we're obsessed!

I'l be sharing a full resource list like I did for the basement this week as well as a few posts about installing our tile and re-doing the ceiling! 

In the mean time...enjoy the pretty! 

My mom and I made this tee-pee and it was the most frustrating process...if you want one...just buy one! 


It does say 'create''s just not the easiest to read :) 

The view of the room from the tee- pee...

Wendel made this precious dream catcher....because a tee-pee isn't a tee-pee without a dream catcher!

One of my most favorite updates...the new and improved ceiling and amazing steel ceiling fan!

The best I could do with a shot of the room and the is tough stuff ya'll!

This has been deemed "the favorite wall in the house" by Wendel...I love the reflection of the rest of the room in the sliding door!

Also, that chair...$5 at a yard sale. Two cans of spray paint later...and it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture! 

The most incredible Ikea day bed!

With the hugest drawers ever! All of our board games {and it's quite a bit} fit in one drawer!

Lots of Ikea sheers to create a little depth in the room!

For some reason I love this shot: the bead board side of the day bed, the patterned pillows, the billow of the sheer's so dreamy!

A big basket of balls to hold half of the balls we of those drawers is filled with them too!

Our giant Jenga set that Wendel's parents made us also doubles as building blocks for the kiddos in these awesome $12 bins from TJ Maxx. 

Our freshly laid wood grain tiles mixed with the navy and white chevron!

And because I often sit and drink an orange cream soda and oyster crackers...nope. 

That was literally the only "snack" food we had for styling purposes! 


So much hard work, and it's finally paid off! 

We're in love, and this sucker has already gotten so much use! 

Stay tuned for a resource list soon! 

If there's a piece in particular you're interested in, make sure to comment so I'm sure to look it up!

Happy Monday Friends!


  1. I love this room! It is the perfect balance for a shared adult & kid space. We've looked at the Hemmes daybed multiple times for our office space/guest room. Is the mattress comfy?

    1. Thank you so much! We invested in the better mattress for it, and put a padded mattress pad on it and it's super comfy! I'd honestly sleep out there! I'm going to find the exact one we purchased and link it up on Wednesday!

  2. I absolutely lOVE this room!!!!!!!! I can imagine this room on a winter day with the sun! so beyond jealous!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes! We love it because we see so many trees from that room, so it's a super relaxing and woodsy! We're in looooove!

  3. What a beautiful makeover! I like the teepee and how it's perfect for storytelling with the little kids. I'm gonna make that makeover of yours as one of the inspirations for my own. I'd have to do it once the weather is cooler though, which isn't that far coming. Summer is almost over. Yay! Anyway, thank you so much for sharing the lovely pictures. I hope all your other projects meet equal success. Cheers!

    Lynne Hollaran @ SGS

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  5. That is such a beautiful sunroom! I love the teal and pastels. You really did a great job in displaying shadows of your creativity in there. The makeover is definitely a success, and I'm sure the family thinks so too. Kudos for a job well done, Lelia! Take care! :)

    Bob Ward @ Allure