Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[Ireland Recap: Northern Ireland}

I totally forgot to do an Ireland update last week...oopps! 

We're nearing the end...woo hoo! Just in case you missed our other Ireland recaps...check them out! 

Now we're on to my absolute favorite part of Ireland...Northern Ireland! 

It's unbelievably beautiful and there's just something in the air. 

Promise these are not's just really this beautiful!! 

Yup...we walked across this...just a tad terrifying! 

Then it was time to head over to Giant's Causeway...pretty spectacular! 

My handsome hubby :) 

So evidently people put coins in these rock towers. We left our "stamp"...eerr uh...coin. 

The driving was incredible in Northern Ireland...all of the little farms, views of the ocean, and green grass. Beautiful! 

I really really really wanted a picture with some sheep...this was as close as I got. 

Any Game of Throne's fans? They film all over Northern Ireland so we got to check out some of the filming sights! 

A cave...with a rock path inside. And tons of bats and massive spiders! 

And this picture totally happened. We gave these to everyone for Christmas as a dorky present and of course we had to sport them! Some were more excited about this than others...cough cough G!

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