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{Honey How's Your Hip...Our Wreck Story}

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I have kind of a random post for you's actual a re-post in fact :) 

Two Years ago Wendel and I were in a pretty serious wreck. I wrote this post and had to take it down for legal reasons. Well...the legal "fun" is all over, and I can share our story again! 

Like I've said before, some people may think I "over-share" a bit, but this is my form of just ignore if you find this boring :) 

So here you go...our wreck story!


Well, Alex and I can officially say that before our one year anniversary, we were like an 80 year old couple worried about each other's hips! Wendel and I got into a wreck this weekend...and here are the griping details. 

I'm a little offended Giuliana didn't cover our story on E News, but here's the story! 

Getting ready to get our hands dirty for Go Cincinnati!

Saturday May 19th was supposed to be a very busy and productive day, and it totally started out that way!! We began the day by participating in GO Cincinnati through our church, Crossroads. Wendel, and I along with a few thousand (6500 to be exact) local Cincinnatians got together early Saturday morning to show some love to local people in need. Painting, gardening, building, and cleaning our city to show God's love to people who needed it. It was fabulous! We did some "hard core" gardening and it felt great! 

We then headed to lunch with the family and did a few hours of work at our house (one of which was painting our front door bright blue...regret...yes...but it's staying like that for the next 6-8 weeks so we better get used to it!)  

Then we decided to get ready and head out on a romantic date. 

Applebees. Oh that word will strike fear in our souls forever. We had received a gift certificate during wedding season and had never used it. So we thought, well heck...a free dinner? Yes please! Plus, we were having family pictures taken the following weekend and this girl of course needed a new shirt for said photo shoot! So needless to say...I was pumped!! 

We headed on Memorial Parkway...a parkway we are on literally half of our lives because it is how you get to the highway from our house! 

We were just about to pass Alex's parent's house when we randomly noticed a motorcyclist behind us. (This is a random detail...but it's probably the coolest part of our near death experience so keep with us people!) 

Warning...Alex and I are a little will soon find out on this blog adventure we've begun! We randomly make names for people and I am known to make up songs for said named person. So Alex said "Oh look there's Motorcycle Steve...he's so cool on his motorcycle." I was thinking...really? Motorcycle Steve...why not Mike? Then before I could say another word, we saw what would drastically change our romantic date night...and summer in just a second. 

A person was in the opposite lane, stopped, to turn into Alex's parents' street. The car behind that person didn't notice the car stopped. Naturally his thought was to go right into the incoming traffic, right? All jokes aside the guy was mortified and felt so terrible! And in such a quick instant, who knows what we would have hard feelings at all nice man who broke my hip :) I digress.  

To make a very dramatic 10 second story short (I could totally drag it out...I am the drama queen of the family) we were hit head on by this baby... made like a brick ya'll! 

We're the black car...

The moment it happened I remember an instant head ache, my entire body aching, and shaking uncontrollably. Then my next thought was "Oh dear God let Alex remember me!" 

Wendel and I had just watched The Vow the week before...holy cow! I was terrified this man of mine wouldn't remember he was MINE! So I looked over and he looked equally terrified. After we realized we both remember we were in love (sigh) we immediately thanked God for saving our lives. 

I remember looking around, seeing our window completely smashed, and tons of people around us on phones. Then by the grace of God, our angle showed up...Motorcycle Steve. He came to Alex's door and said "You've been in an accident, you are alive! I am going to try to get your door open." So he pried Alex's door opened and started to assess us. He told Alex he had a gash on his leg and a gash on his arm. Some woman ran up with her infants coat for me to press on his leg. This man calmed us down! Made us feel okay, and helped us through every step until the ambulance came. Thank God for him! 

As soon as I could process, I called Alex's mom and told her that we had been in a accident (may have mentioned that I could see bone...I'm telling you, I'm dramatic) and to get down here. They rushed down the hill and came right to our side! We are so thankful that the wreck happened where it did because if it was anywhere else on Memorial, they would have had to run to us. The traffic was immediate and they had to close down the parkway for a bit. 

I honestly thought that I was fine. My whole body was sore, but Alex was bleeding so I figured he had gotten most of the trauma. Little did I know...well I'll save that for a little later. 

I'll tell you what was fast the police and ambulance were there! It literally felt like 30 seconds! They got stuff done people, and they were fabulous!!  

So let's fast forward through an ambulance ride {a terribly painful ride} and about 20 X-rays later. They tell me that there is a fuzzy spot on the X-ray for my hip and they want to get a CT Scan. So off I go...meanwhile Alex looks like this! 

I don't know if you can tell, but that is in fact muscle...good thing this happened after The Flying Pig! 

Before I even went for the CT, they offered me Vicodin. I still, as this point, was thinking "I'm totally fine!" So I only took half and went on my way! Alex is still over their in so much pain it was ridiculous! The mean wife was about to come out and they would have been sorry to have seen her! 

My airbag burn...forehead, nose, chin...burns!

So a little later, they come in and told me that I did, in fact, fracture (break) my hip. Lovely. It was all real at that moment. I hadn't cried really at all until they said that. I immediately thought about my last week with my kids at school (devastated), and that I couldn't work out. Stupid I know...we were alive!! We were going to be okay! But oh well...I was more worried about getting back to spinning! 

Here's the amazing part of the story! As we were waiting for Alex to get all stitched up, we start to talk about the accident. Alex and I were talking about how the guy on the Motorcycle was so incredible and his dad said, "Yeah I got all of Steve's information!" STEVE! Alex had called him Motorcycle Steve right before the accident! So insane! We truly feel he was our little Guardian Angel! Ours has to be cooler than yours...he drives a motorcycle! So legit! we have a big family! My sister met us at the hospital, my brother Scott brought my mom (who was in church at the time and Scott had to go and get her out of church to tell her) and obviously Brad and Faye (Alex's parents) were there the whole time But my sister is my sister for a reason. Now remember...we were on our way to dinner. And I LOVE to eat! Literally one of the first things I thought in the ambulance was "Well good...we're not going to eat for a couple of hours at least!" It wasn't until 10:00 when my sister called to check on us and said "Are they hungry?" My mom said "Oh I don't think they're worried about that right now." Ahem...I spoke up very quickly and thanked my sister for being the one to worry about my hunger...she's my soul and blood sister...what can I say? 

Anyhoo...we are recovering now at home. I am on crutches for the next 6-8 weeks. I cannot put any weight on it or the bone will not heal correctly and I might have arthritis bueno. I will do some physical therapy in the next few weeks! 

The attractive shorts I got to wear at the Orthopedist.

No wrist is fine, just very sore, which makes using crutches difficult. 

Alex is back to work and just has a very stiff leg! We are so thankful for our families who have been wonderful to help with everything from cleaning, feeding us, and getting the pool ready for summer!

This is what I get to do for the next 6-8 weeks. Hobble around on my crutches with a backpack on my back so I can carry whatever I need. Do crafts, write thank you notes, and! Trying to soak up this time to be lazy...but I'm just not meant for it!! Can't wait to get back to the gym!! 

Oh and just a little's all for the memories people :) 

My bruise...pretty intense, right?

Seat belt burn...

Airbag burn...lovely. 

Oh...and wear your seat belts people...they work!  


So crazy to read back over that! Now for our current situation...

Wendel is still not running like normal. He has to take it a little easier, but is able to run at times. He has had a procedure done called PRP, and it seems to have really helped! Slowly, but surly, he will get back to "normal!"

My hip never grew back...bummer! And arthritis is already lovely! 

I am not allowed to run at all, and no treadmill...too hard of impact.

We're not sure how this will impact child bearing/birth. Of course I'd love to have a natural childbirth {when that time comes} but we just don't know. 

Other than that, we're doing well!

Be safe when driving. You never know what could happen...and could not even be your fault!

Have a fabulous weekend! We've got a busy weekend ahead, and I'm pretty thrilled about it! 

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