Friday, October 18, 2013

{Ireland Recap: The End of Our Trip}

I can't believe it, but we're on our last Ireland recap post! 

Sorry this has taken so long! But I'm so very thankful I took the time to do this! It's such a great way to relive the fun we had, but also document for our memories! 

I wanted to start off this post with the B&B that we were blessed to stay at for two nights! We moved around a lot, and this was the only place we got to stay two nights, so we were thrilled! 

Wihitepark House is a precious B&B that we have affectionately named "Bob's" Why, you may ask? Well Bob is the owner and he is just precious! In Ireland they have an award for the best "Land Ladies"...aka people who run B&B's...and Bob won Lady Lady of the Year. 

Ya'll, he is absolutely perfect and I think should be a tourist attraction! He was incredible and we already booked our room for five years from now...with little bits in toe!

Brad and Faye stayed here last time they came and said that we HAD to come back! I'm so so excited we did! 

We arrived just in time for afternoon tea...which I really think needs to start happening in the States! Loved having a moment to sit down and relax in the afternoon! 

Then we freshened up, and grabbed dinner in town.

We tucked in early that night and got up early for our busy day! 

But not before our Irish Breakfast...Irish people know how to eat! 

This was just the first course...then came the eggs, sausages, and homemade breads. I miss these yummy starts to the day!

 After breakfast, we headed out for this crazy day!

Our second morning at Bob's, after breakfast, Wendel and I walked around to check out his beautiful yard! It was so very picturesque!

We were so sad to leave, but we needed to head back to Dublin because we were flying home early the next morning. 


After our drive back to Dublin, we headed to the Guiness Factory!

Ya'll...I'll admit...not sure it was totally worth it. But oh well :) 

 We got our pint {and by we I mean they...I got a diet coke for my non-alcohol liking self}

The next morning, we said bye to White Lightening, and headed home. 

It was an absolutely incredible trip! 

Thank you so so much, Brad and Faye, for the amazing experience! We made some phenomenal memories! 

You can check out a little video I whipped up! so so not professional! 

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