Monday, October 7, 2013

{Alex Punched A Hole In Our Wall}

Happy Monday! 

If you read the title of this fears...I was okay with it! But more on that in a minute. 

I had a super exciting post planned with an exciting giveaway...and I deleted all of the pictures off my SD card! Blogger fail! So I'll be back Wednesday with that! 

In the mean time...this little precious from Saturday's date night will have to do :) 

However, I have a few exciting pictures to show you...

Yes...the basement is undergoing a big, exciting makeover! 

Pretty much Wendel was in love. He's wanted for so so long to punch a hole in these stupid walls...and he got to do that...a lot! 

So we've mentioned before that we were lucky to have a "finished" basement...but it wasn't the most gorgeous finished basement. Which was fine for a long time, but now we would love to be able to use the basement in a better way! 

We feel like we'll be in this house for quite a few years, and hopefully a few kids. So we're going to want our basement to be a very usable place for our growing family.

With that being said, we feel like our basement has so much potential and after some saving {and some pain and suffering moola after our wreck} we are now ready to get things rolling!

We've hired a contractor {which just sounds exciting, right?} but to save quite a few hundred dollars, we demo'd the basement ourselves...which was actually so much fun! 

We had a blast taking a few hours of our weekend to rip the heck out of some fake wood paneling!

I'll be back soon with some {I'm sure} terrible illustrations of our vision! 

So what are our plans? Here's what we've got in our brains...currently!

For The Contractor: 

- Build two walls and install french doors to make the part of our basement that faces the front porch a "guest room" 

- Frame out the storage space under our steps to make a little closet for the "guest room"

- Add insulation to all walls in the basement {they only insulated a few random walls}

- Hang new, fresh, pretty dry wall to all walls in the basement and bathroom. 

- New pretty baseboards

-Skim the ceiling to get rid of the ugly popcorn-ing 

For The Wendels: 

-Paint the living area and guest bedroom

- Paint the fireplace white

-Build a chunky new mantle using existing mantle...I'm thinking white

- Install built-ins around the fireplace for storage and to hold the TV

- Install a new counter top for the wet bar

-Tile the wall above the wet bar {very very very excited about me some pretty tile!}

- Do a re-claimed wood wall behind the toilet in the bathroom {eeeee}

- Have the couch and chairs reupholstered

- Add some really cool art work

- Make some funky dark-out curtains for movie nights

-Stage out the wazzoo

-Forget to take lots of picture and cry because I"m a terrible blogger

- Get a pumpkin spice latte to make myself feel better

-Order a pizza and watch a movie in our amazing new basement

-Get CK and Theron here to test out the guest bedroom {in separate visits of course}  

-Fill our other two rooms with sweet, precious babies :) 

So yeah...that's all :) 

Here's a little inspiration we're {haha...we're} drawing from! 

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