Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Ireland Recap: Waterford and Kilkenny}

{Sorry guys, this short week has me all confused. Meant to post this on Wednesday...but to me, today is Wednesday!}

Last week I shared all about our first day in Dublin, Ireland...remember that? Oh you don't? Well then go check it out!  

Once we got packing up in Dublin and got our caffeine intake, we got in the car headed off to the House of Waterford Glass for a tour. Ya'll...they had a $10,000 crystal Cinderella carriage! 

I mean...really???

They just happened to be working on the Kentucky Basketball Trophy...small world, right? 

Absolutely incredible to watch them in person! True artists at work.

Love these people so so much. 

And Wendel looks so cute right here I could just pinch his cheeks :) Sorry Wendel...

Then it was time for a pub lunch. We ended up going across the street to another pub because this one didn't serve food, but I thought it was a funny name for a pub. Katty Barry...Katy Perry...anyone?

The Munster Bar...were we ended up eating lunch and learned all about the sport of hurling...fastest field sport in the world. You must check it's entertaining. 

Then we got to our hotel for the night...okay it might have been a's called The Butler House. 

If you go to's a must stay! Probably my favorite place we stayed at in Ireland. 

If I could have, I would have taken this home with me. 

Then we headed off to explore! 

Other than Northern Ireland, Kilkenny was my favorite place in Ireland. It's quaint, the people are hilarious {okay...all Irish people are hilarious}, and the culture is rich. I think we all adored this city. 

The Kilkenny Castle that we toured the next morning. 

Then we headed for dinner and some awesome Irish music at the historic Kyteler's Inn. Evidently a witch owned this back in the the story goes. 

The roads...ya' so tiny and close to everything! 

The next morning we woke up bright and early to check out the castle in town. 

Just a little tiny castle. The tour was amazing, but no pictures allowed :( 

Clouds rolling in that were gone about five minutes later. 

As you can tell it's chilly in Ireland. I brought two sweaters and wore them every single day. I also always had my North Face. It's like fall all the time...I was kind of in heaven! 

Yes...that would be a massive bouncy castle in front of a real life castle...tourist much?

Then it was time for a quick lunch and back in the car to head to The Blarney Stone and Castle. 

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  1. So awesome. I want to go so bad!

    1. Well if you do we can help you plan! There's so much to see, but Faye has this whole Ireland traveling thing figured out!

  2. Replies
    1. I know! Makes me feel like I took it for granted while we were actually there. Seems like it didn't happen!