Monday, September 16, 2013

{A Fall Weekend Recap}

Happy Monday! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful fall weather! 

Wendel and I soaked it up and loved every second of it! 

On Friday, after a nice three hour {yes...} long nap, Wendel made a fire, and I whipped up a yummy dinner and we picnic'd outside under the stars!

I was dying to use some of the things I bought from Shop Sweet Lulu, so of course I have to package it up cute! 

I'll definitely be bringing these back out this fall...I see a post corn maze picnic in our future :) 

Loving our firepit Wendel whipped up for us! 

Through the month of September, Wendel and I are helping with marriage counseling at our church. It's called Building Blocks, and it is really an incredible class to take for married couples of any length! We helped out with the logistics{not actually counseling couples with our two years of experience} but we get to sit through the course again, and always get a lot out of it!  

Expect a marriage post soon, because I've had it on my heart for a while to share some of our experiences. Just need to okay some of it with Wendel first :) 

After Building Blocks, we came home and I put away our summer clothes and freshened up and hung up our fall things. I love transitioning our closet! It's amazing how great it feels when everything is all clean and freshly hung! Love it! 

In between football games :) Wendel took me on a date night downtown, and it was beyond perfect! 

We headed to The Banks and went to Moerlein Lager House for dinner, then to Orange Leaf for dessert...perfect, perfect, perfect! 

The Banks have these swings along the river that are to die for! They were all taken, and it was a bit chilly so we didn't want to wait, but it just made me fall even more madly in love with Cincinnati! 

I mean...come on! 

Sunday, I woke Wendel up a few minutes early for church so we could grab a few things from the Phillip Lim collection at Target. 

I've always loved his bags, but the thought of shelling out $1000 for a bag to carry around my stuff makes me want to hurl. 

I'm thrilled with my bag and skirt! Can't wait to style them soon! 

Now I'm finishing up school stuff/cleaning/getting lunches ready/doing laundry while Wendel watches football/takes out the trash/doing homework/watches more football :) 

We're a good team! 

Have a great week!! 


  1. I love love love that bag. I might have to pick one up at my Target too. Twinsies!?

    1. Did you get it?? I'm totally obsessed with it!!