Friday, September 27, 2013

{Friday Five: Counting My Blessings}

Happy Friday! I don't know about ya'll, but this week flew by! I feel like I was just enjoying our awesome weekend, last weekend...but here we are! Another weekend to enjoy!

So it's been a pretty rough month for me. For random reasons. Maybe one day I'll share them with you. But just know that I'm struggling right now.

But guess what? It's not with perfectionism! Silver lining?

One of my favorite bloggers Corilynn spoke to be today.

Sometimes life isn't amazing. Sometimes there are struggles.

But in those struggles, there are amazing blessings!

So that's what I'm doing today...counting my blessings!

1. I have the most rockin' husband.

Ya'll, seriously! He's the best! He gives me grace and loves me even in my {what I like to call} "crazy!" He tries his absolute best to make be as happy as possible, and that is all I can ask for in a husband. He's wonderful, and I feel so so blessed!

2. My mom is just awesome 

She listens to my frustration and crying, and never once judges, never loads me with lots of advise, and never tries to fix all of my problems. She just listens. And sometimes...that's all you need! 

3. New Shows Are Starting

I love fall for the colors, clothes, and weather, but I also love fall because all of our shows start back. But I'm still suffering the loss of Dexter {we're behind so don't give anything away!} and Breaking Bad...dying to see what happens this week! 

4. Loft 

This is random, but I finally found a style of pants that fit me perfectly, and if you're a know how much that means! But this means that I want to buy them in every single color so yeah...Wendel is scared :) Also, they are exactly half the size that I was before I lost yeah. That feels amazing! 

5. Decorating! 

I love to decorate, and I know right when fall hits that this means a few months of holiday decorating! It's also a tad daunting because I realize that our house won't look normal" until January...but I still love it! 

There are so so many more, but I have some cake pops to make :) So I'll end with decorating...because...well...decorating is just so much fun!

We have lots of changes about to happen in our house {hello basement demo happening this weekend} and can't wait to share some of the deets along the way! 

Have a great weekend! 

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