Friday, January 17, 2014

{Friday Five: Working out, Valentines, and A Shopping Hiatus}

Happy Friday Everyone! 

I have Friday's off, so I'm sitting in bed watching the snow and trying to talk myself into going to the gym...good luck with that! 

Here are a few random thoughts on this Friday morning. 

1. I am falling more and more in love with Miss Corilynn

I adore her skirts but I love hearing her heart in her blog. I pray I'm as sweet, real, and adorable as she is when I have elementary age kids. She doesn't pretend to be perfect and this post was easily the most heartbreaking blog posts I've ever read. My heart hurt dearly for her and I felt like I mourned for her a little. I've never carried a baby, never been pregnant, but I understand the overwhelming desire for children. I can't fathom, and pray I never have to understand what she went through. But this woman is strong, incredible, and I want to be her friend :) 

2. Wendel and I went to see Book of Mormon on Sunday. 

Skirt: Target {fall 2013}
Coat: Target {spring 2013}
Boots: Target {fall 2013}
Tights: Target
Purse: Mimic Designs 
Sunnies: Target

Man oh was funny but wow! I was not expecting the craziness of that show. I'm pretty confident that 90% of the blogging world is Mormon so I feel like I have a connection with them {haha...stupid I know} and I felt terrible for how bad Mormonism was made fun of. However, it was a perfect excuse to get dressed up for a date with Wendel! 

3. I get super annoyed with the large amount of stick figure fashion bloggers. 

For are these girls so flippin' little. But then I read this blog post and she does 1 hour of cardio, 300...300 lunges, and 300 ab exercises three days a week. So yeah...if I did that much working out, I'd probably be a tad smaller. So yeah...respect. 

4.  I've been on an unintentional shopping hiatus

I haven't shopped all month and it's awesome. I'm discovering new outfit options in my closet and falling more in love with some of the pieces in my closet. I'm not purposefully not shopping, I've just been so busy with school and family. I haven't walked into Target since Christmas {it's my downfall} and I'm okay with it. Less shopping...more saving...more options later down the road! 

5. I'm so excited for Valentine's Day!

This is pretty much my dream Valentine's morning. It's true...I'm a five year old and love balloons. My dream is and always will be to talk into a room filled with balloons. This one day, I was having a sad day, so I went and bought myself an awesome balloon and my day was so much better. So the next time you have a rough day, treat yourself with a massive hula girl balloon...I promise your day will be better! 

Have a fabulous weekend ya'll! 

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