Monday, January 20, 2014

{Do I Look Too Weird, Wendel?}

Yup...those were the words that came out of my mouth as I walked out of the bedroom for date night...

"Do I look too weird, Wendel?

Not "do I look weird?" because I know this outfit is a little strange for my little non-fashion forward town, but is it too weird? this going to scare people? 

The moment our waitress came to the table she said "oh, are you going to a show?"

No ma'am...I just like to get uber dressed up for a normal date night...

It's just who I am. And if I'm 100% honest, I'd prefer dressing up than wearing jeans and a t-shirt. 

I think I should have been in the business professional world...preschool teacher is close enough...right? I am...wish polka dots, sparkles, and leopard. The leopard may have been too much...but go big or go home right?

Jacket: Target {old}
Skirt: Target {also seen here}
Blouse: Loft {similar}
Shirt: Loft {super old}
Lights: Target
Boots: Target {also seen here, and here}
Clutch: Mimic Designs {obsessed...I could pet it 24/7}

Happy Monday! I'm spending my day off by doing some organizing and decorating for Valentines Day! Ahhh Valentine's make winter so so wonderful! 


  1. Very cute! You inspired me… I rarely get dressed up anymore since we do so much walking, but I decided for dinner on Friday to wear my healed booties and leather jeggings!

    1. Yeah I can't imagine having to walk so much, but I probably still wouldn't learn :) I just love heels too much! And leather jeggings! Oh my goodness! I've been dying to get some but talked myself out of the ones from Target for some reason and I'm bummed. I might have to go and see if they still have them. Is that where you got yours??