Sunday, April 20, 2014

{Easter 2014}

You all know I love me a holiday! Easter is special, because it brings this new glorious season and the excitement of summer around the corner! 

This year, the weather actually acted like spring time, and it was perfect! 

We did Easter egg hunts outside, relaxed in my sister's back yard, and just enjoyed being with family! 

Here are a few snapshots we were able to collect! 

This man is my rock. He is supportive, loving, forgiving, and oh so sweet! 

My beautiful and flippin' smart niece! She'll be gone for 5 weeks this summer at a scholarship program and I cannot wrap my head around it! Next summer she'll be off to college. Crazy town! 

My rock star sister with her two middle children, Daniel and Elizabeth.

My absolutely stunning and perfect mother and my sister's youngest, Lily. 

Cheesin' big time! 

Madre with my youngest nephew, Charlie. Poor guy is right in the middle of three girls but he handles it like a champ! 

Stud muffin! I told him we would show his future girlfriend this picture one day and he quickly responded with an "ew"...hilarious. 

My sister's family! 

The girls! My sister-in-law, sister, madre and me. Didn't snap a picture of my brother's family, but they are obviously gorgeous and awesome. 

And somehow we snapped this pretty perfect shot of the whole group via my camera's timer! How in the world? It was God...we know it! 

We hope you all had a blessed and perfect Easter! 

And I didn't forget...the winner of the SaSea Decor giveaway is Rashelle Biser! Congratulations!

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Thanks for reading friends!! 


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!! Loving how you all look so spring festive!!!!

    1. Thanks! We were all pretty shocked...this typically doesn't happen for us :)

  2. Great photos! Everyone is growing up!